Adam’s Fiery Fro!

Last week Adam got the greatest makeover ever. With his upgrade the world is Adam’s oyster. Let’s explore some of the many ways that Adam can capitalize on those comely, carmine curls…

After Adam perfects his “wet on wet technique” he can get busy painting fluffy white clouds and happy little trees.

Sweet Georgia Brown! Adam can go on the road as a Globetrotter and put those ball-handling skills of his to good use.

Don’t you think Paul Simon has been on his own long enough?

A space orgy sounds like something right up Adam’s alley.

Adam, did you bring Kristen Wiig’s Gilly character out of retirement? Adam? Adam? Aaaadam?

What’s funnier than one carrot top? Two carrot tops! This act may require more than the two-drink minimum
– and don’t forget to take care of your server.

Awww… don’t you just want to squeeze the stuffing out of him? Adam will be what everyone wants under their Christmas tree! Or menorah! Or Kwanzaa kinara. Or whatever. sheesh.

Something tells me this is a role Adam could sink his teeth into.

I hear there’s an opening.

Adam better not drop us to hang out with his new rich and famous friends.
Hmmm… I wonder if he can get them to turn vegan…

Screw those other bitches. With his new look, Adam has STAR QUALITY and will always be center stage.

So Adam’s fro – is it fascinating, fancy, flattering, fresh, foxy, flamboyant, fine and fashionable? Or is it a frightening, fetid, fussy, foolish, flawed, fearful, freaky faux pas? Are you a fan or a foe? Let me know in the comments. Be frank!


12 thoughts on “Adam’s Fiery Fro!”

  1. Genius. I like how he’s pulling Wendy’s braid there. LOL Bob the painter is great. His name was Bob I think. Carrot Top is frightening, he needs to lay off the plastic surgery and steroids.

  2. And here I thought Pennywise was freaky enough! That clown is freaking scary! But the most frightening image is that one with Carrot Top!

    I think there may be a joke in there about orgies and up Adam’s alley, but frankly, I’m too lazy to think it up.

    Tam: Yup, that is Bob Ross, the late painter.

  3. I love Michelle M Mondays! What a great way to start the week. These were f’n hilarious, it just kept getting better image after image.

    The Jackson5 image looks like John Lydon joins the band. Hmmm. That might work, actually.

  4. Well, from the number of comments I can see that Adam has struck everyone speechless with his beauty. Guess you better buy that Ogilvie home perm kit Adam!

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