Spring’s Guest Post: The Piss Puddle Game!

Last weekend, Adam tweeted a photo of one of my litter box piss puddles, and invited his twitter followers to name what it looked like.  Kinda like when you roll onto your back and name what clouds in the sky look like.  I found the whole thing quite humiliating.  But after I scratched him up a bit, he convinced me that C&R is a good place to humiliate yourself for the sake of laughs.  He does it it allll the time.  So I’m offering you this photo of one of my latest litter box piss puddle, so you can tell me what it looks like in the comments.  And you better come up with some good answers … or I’ll personally scratch all of your faces off.


12 thoughts on “Spring’s Guest Post: The Piss Puddle Game!”

  1. It’s a squirrel, with his head on the left, hunched over and with his tail all balled up.

    ……God, I hate cats, and cat piss even more, and yet here I am commenting on this….I need a new hobby.


  2. Okay, Michelle found an almost exact match, but I see a buzzard hunched over (head on the left) holding a large rock waiting to smack some unsuspecting passer-by.

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