It’s The Friday Five!

Welcome one and all to the Friday Five.  It’s our weekly Cocky & Rude wrap-up of what’s great this week.  This week’s list is full of hairy dudes, stinky things, great movies and weird web videos.  But instead of teasing you any more … let’s get started!

First up this week is Natalie Portman’s newborn baby. On Tuesday, the 30-year-old, super-talented and adorable actress welcomed her first child. She had a baby boy … and we at C&R pretty sure that this is the father:

And not this guy:
But we look forward to the paternity test to prove us wrong.

Next up this week is Super 8.  Lemme just tell you, this movie is Super Great.  It’s the perfect mix of a classic Spielberg movie (like E.T., Jaws, or Close Encounters), and the fantastic storytelling of J.J. Abrams.  Seriously, after Alias, Lost, the Star Trek reboot, and Super 8, I’ll follow J.J. anywhere he wants to take me.

And when I’m following him, I’ll be wearing flip flops.  I may hate weather, but I love wearing flip flops in the summertime.  And I’ll wear them anywhere that my feet will take me.  They’re not just beach footwear anymore.  Restaurants, stores, the office, and anywhere inbetween.  I’m flip flopping it.  Watch out!

Weiners have been in the news a lot lately, but what about their two cousins, the testicles?  And something a lot of guys often experience (not me) is sweaty, stinky balls.  The New York Times recently ran an article about all the great new (and humorously named) products that have been designed to tackle this pressing issue (that I’ve never had).  And boys, next time you’re feeling a little damp down there, why not use a dash of ‘Man Powder,’ ‘Dry Goods,’ or ‘Dry Down Friction Free Powder.’

And finally this week is an unusual web video.  I’m not quite sure what’s going on — just that there’s a bunch of oddly animated clips from The View and a whole lot of “Sextape.”  I think this must be what it’s like to do a whole lotta drugs.  Please enjoy(?) “SEXTAPE – ‘The View’ Remix” …

The Baby Portman, Super 8, flip flops, sweaty balls and that creepy weird ‘Sextape’ video — those are my five favorites of the week.  Runners up this week include: New York, Ray Lamontagne, eating food, sleeping, roasted red pepper hummus and hardcore gay porn.  What are your five favorites of the week?


8 thoughts on “It’s The Friday Five!”

  1. “This week’s list is full of hairy dudes, stinky things, great movies and weird web videos.” – I thought you were decribing just one thing here and got a smidge turned on.


  2. Do we have a baby name?
    Kristen went to Super8 last night and did say it was really good.
    I like flip flops but hate the thwack thwack sound, especially at work. I only wear them at home.
    Um, not my problem.
    That video was disturbing and yet difficult to stop watching. Clown-Donald Trump and Barbara with a turtle were some of the best parts.

    1. I don’t think they’ve released the name yet — or at least, I can’t find it. And I flip flop silently! I hate loud flip floppers!

  3. Speaking of testes, did you hear that Ben & Jerry’s might be planning a Schweddy Balls Ice Cream flavor to be released around Christmas?

  4. Super 8 was fantastic! I loved it! I hate flip flops. I’m right there with you Tam about the slapping sound against people’s feet. Disgusting. I have flat feet, so I can’t wear flip flops as they don’t offer any support.

  5. Ohmigod, john, I have flat feet too! More proof that we’re twins seperated at birth! Or, since I’ve got so much in common with Tam too, maybe we’re triplets seperated at birth?

    I think she should name her kid Puntabubaby Portman.

    The bottoms of my feet get all sweaty when I wear flip-flops and I don’t like them. Much perfer sandals, they don’t seem to make the soles sweaty. Go figure. Course, maybe if I used some Dry Down Friction Free Powder, things like that wouldn’t happen. 🙂


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