Friday Few

You would think a week that started out with a political scandal would have a lot more interesting things to write about, but this week was pretty much a dud. Maybe I was just too damned busy at work to realize what fun stuff was being done all over the net. I’m sure Weiner’s wiener created it’s fair share of memes, but none of them really mad em jump for Friday joy. In reality, I only ended up with two things to really write about. If it wasn’t a bajillion degrees outside, my brain might work more quickly and give me a few more ideas, but alas I give you the Friday Few.

First on my list this week relates to a rather unique campaign in San Francisco to outlaw circumcision. Naturally there are valid arguments on either side, but really does it have to be outlawed? And why are the proponents of the anti-circumcision movement creating such appallingly racist propaganda like Foreskin Man. At first it just seems laughable, but when you flip through and find out that the nemesis is a rabbi I’m sure you will be shocked. Moral of the story: let the parents decide.

Second this week is a bit more adorable and a lot more fun. If you were me, you would know that I spend a great deal of time online looking for photos of adorable dogs. It is rare however that a website comes along that works to match you with your look-alike in the canine world. Just look at the wonders that Doggelganger did for Adam. It is the best thing to come out of New Zealand since the Lord of the Rings movies.

Thus endeth the Friday Few…for which I had no runners-up since they would have made the few a five. Anyone else have some inspiration this week?


16 thoughts on “Friday Few”

  1. Whatever. I got the same result. They must really want to adopt out that dog.

    And Michelle M. Monday’s didn’t make the list? Minus one point.

  2. Okay, check out the synopsis of THIS BOOK. Is that a skill we want wiped out with the flick of a scalpel, or machete? 😉

    I thought Craig’s video he posted of the useless over-dramatic people in infomericals was pretty funny. Otherwise, yeah, no so much.


    1. The little Glee / Teenage Dream boy
    2. Vegan black bean burgers & my George Forman grill
    3. The Doctor Who episode that’s airing in the US this Saturday (it made my brain explode @ the end!)
    4. United States of Tara — It’s so good, I can’t believe it was cancelled!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

    I was hoping that the new Paris Hilton show would be on my list, but so far it’s awful. I guess my dream of a new The Simple Life will never come true.

        1. I am mollified.

          The Paris show is awful. Her boyfriend – ick. And she is horrible – that cute/dumb thing is not as amusing as it was on The Simple Life.


  4. The dog thing wouldn’t work for me. I guess bunnies and dogs aren’t compatible.

    My tops this week:
    Michelle joining C&R
    Some magic I have been pulling at work that I can’t go into here.
    Dropping 5 pounds
    According to Mush, everyone (based on my crotch shot) LOL!

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