How Many Things Did Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Yesterday I jammed a lot of Nabisco Multigrain Wheat Thins into my mouth.

And I made quite a few strange faces.

So many, in fact, that I lost count of the crackers that I was stuffing into my food hole.

So I spit them all over my table and counted them all!

I was amazed by just how many had fit inside my mouth!  I may even add it to my resumé.

So how many do you think I fit in my mouth?


Congratulations to Michelle M.!  You guessed the closest without going over!

Aaaaand you win a pile of saliva covered crackers!  Yay!

Do you have a suggestion for what I should jam into my mouth next time?  Leave it in the comments!


7 thoughts on “How Many Things Did Adam Jam Into His Mouth?”

  1. Yay for Michelle! My first instinct was 20, but when I saw that she wrote 20 I went one lower….I should have gone one higher!

  2. What is wthis “without going over” bullshit? It’s not the price is right. Mind you, given the prize I concede victory to Michelle.

  3. Ya know, I just always picture these photos with just you in them and not the items you’re shoving in your mouth. And then I just kinda laugh myself silly.


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