How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Hello and welcome to another edition of a game that we’re calling:
How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Look!  I shot this one in my kitchen — in front of my hideous wallpaper.  Yay!

Each time that we play this game, I’ll take a whole bunch of objects and jam then into my big mouth.
Then you’ll guess how many of that object fit inside of me.  And then later, I’ll reveal the results.

For this round, I’ve chosen: Nabisco Multigrain Wheat Thins. Wheat Thins are a popular baked snack cracker found in North America, distributed by Nabisco, a subsidiary of Kraft Foods Global Inc.  While most varieties of Wheat Thins are square, the Multigrain variety are hexagons.

So how many of these crackers can I fit into my mouth?

Leave your guesses in the comments!

And I’ll reveal the results tomorrow at noon!


28 thoughts on “How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?”

  1. My very first thought at the very first photo was “Oh, look, he’s doing this at his grandmother’s house cause surely nobody under the age of 66 would have that kind of wallpaper ANYWHERE in their house.”

    I’m gonna lowball my guess (*snort*…I said lowball) and go with just 14.


  2. Y’all should have folk send in photos of the scary wallpaper in their abodes. We’ve got this one closet that hasn’t been repainted since the grandprevious owner papered the place in the late sixties….

      1. Maybe pictures of the uglies things in our house. My house is not that old but the light fixtures in the basement are from the rockin’ 70’s I’m sure.

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