Guess That Crotch!

In this new game, inspired by New York Representative Anthony Weiner’s current ‘Weinergate’ scandal, I present to you five C&R commenter crotches.  Can you guess who they belong to?

Want to participate in a future game of Guess That Crotch!?
Send your crotch shot to


52 thoughts on “Guess That Crotch!”

  1. None of them look big enough to be my crotch, and none of them are terribly revealing, so frankly, i don’t care. 🙂


  2. Hmmmm. I’m thinking 1 is Adan, 5 is Polt who made that comment to throw us off, 3 is Mr.S whom Adam forced into these shenanigans on threat of cilibacy. After that, no clue. Paul? Craig? Although none seem large enough for the mighty Puntabuschlong.

    1. #1 is not Adam … but one of them is.
      None of them are Paul, Craig or Mr. Sombrero.
      All of them are at least semi-frequent commenters
      Keep guessing!

  3. This is impossible. At the risk of greatly offending people, I will try and guess.

    1. VUBOQ?
    2. Adam?
    3. Mikey?
    4. Tam?
    5. Polt?

    I think I did badly. I need to do more crotch gazing.

  4. I’d apologize for thinking a girl’s crotch was Mikey’s but I’m too busy being a crybaby over losing to Kirk. Oh yeah, and I still hate Mikey so I wouldn’t anyway!

  5. I HATE your new commenting system! it’s all outta whack on my computer. Having said that, I’m gonna have a second shot at this, since I got three correct the first time:
    1.Paul (viva la swirl)


    1. Sorry — the new commenting style is a update — I have no control over it. Hopefully they’ll work the bugs out. Your #2-#5 are correct … but it’s not Paul. Can no one guess #1??

  6. Why did you give all the answers today? Some of us sleep all day, you know! Now I don’t get to play. Boo.

    I totally new 3 was vuboq, because he’s the stylish one among us.

  7. Whilst it isn’t entirely surprising that it would be a crotch related posting that was so popular for me, I really enjoyed this post. Stupid Weinergate.

  8. It is my fervent hope that this does not become a meme, ESPECIALLY with the 2012 election cycle coming up. (Although Weiner and Boehner certainly suggest themselves…)

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