Adventures in Philly

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Mr. Sombrero and I ventured to the great city of Philadelphia.
Here’s a quick look at some of the fun we had…

Our first stop was Eastern State Penitentiary. “Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling cellblocks and empty guard towers. Known for its grand architecture and strict discipline, this was the world’s first true ‘penitentiary,’ a prison designed to inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of convicts. Its vaulted, sky-lit cells once held many of America’s most notorious criminals, including bank robber ‘Slick Willie’ Sutton and Al Capone.”

You can walk through most of the crumbling prison, occasionally accompanied by your audio tour guide, Steve Buscemi.  Above is a look down one of the two-story cell blocks.

Lots of the cells are crumbling away…

But some of them have been restored enough for you to go inside.  Don’t I look like I’m working on a movie set or something with all the crap that’s hanging around my neck?

And here’s Al Capone’s jail cell — which was more luxurious than any other cell in the entire prison.

After being released from the Penitentiary, we walked over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  We didn’t go inside (because art is boring), but we did snap a few photos of the steps that Rocky made famous.

Across the street is a big metal fountain.  Here’s a photo of me pretending that I’m not burning my ass off on hot metal back of this deer.

Here’s Mr. Sombrero getting up close and personal with a bear.

And here I am getting my arm bitten off by a ferocious metal alligator.

Later that day, we checked out Philadelphia’s China Town.  Here’s the famous Friendship Gate.  I defied death and stood in the middle of the street to take this photo.

The next day we checked out this big old bell with a crack in it.  I think it’s famous or something.

Here’s some doofus in front of the bell.

Here’s Mr. Sombrero look’n too cool fer school.

And here’s that doofus again, hanging out with Elvis.

Mr. Sombrero and I had a fun weekend in Philly, but it was way too quick!
I hope you enjoyed this peek into our vacation.


15 thoughts on “Adventures in Philly”

  1. What?! No humping pictures?

    The prison tour looks almost as cool as Mr. S. I would love to go to the art museum. Isn’t that the bell that Paul Revere was ringing when he warned the British not to be takin’ our arms and junk?

    Just how many plaid shirts do you have?

  2. Hmmm. The only thing we saw when we were there was the bell, and some people dressed up in costumes pretending to read the declaration of independence or something like that. We didn’t know there was a Chinatown. You didn’t go to the famous soda shop? It’s all old-timey and stuff. They even wear costumes. There seems to be an abnormal amount of cosplay in Philadelphia.

    Looks like a fun time.

  3. I love Philadelphia … usually b/c my friends meet me at the station and we kick off the day with martinis. And then it gets better!

    The art museum is pretty cool, actually.

  4. You look like a giant standing in that prison doorway. I have to admit, you do have that Elvis sneer down pretty well.

  5. Looks like fun, although I never thought I’d see online a photo of Adam mounting a big black buck who’s hard as steel. 🙂


  6. What is this world coming to when you can’t even get a good vegan faux-cheesesteak in Philly?!

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