For Michelle M’s birthday, C&R invited a whole bunch of Michelle’s best bloggy friends to send her some happy birthday wishes. (Oh, and Photoshopping was strongly encouraged.)  Here’s what everyone had to say…

From Tam

Michelle is that sassy str8 friend every boy and girl wishes they had. She’s not afraid to
lay it on the line, and tell it like it is. She’s ready to let rip with the advice like:

“What, what, what are you doing?”
“Slow down, crazy! Slow down.”
“You big slut! good for you!”
“Put that camera down!”
“You stupid bitch!”
“You’re gonna write a sad poem in your journal, and move on.”

Michelle knows that a good cocktail and some straight talk is all it takes to get her friends back on the right path. Luckily we can all depend on her wisdom and firm hand to help us in our time of need. She also gives the bestest gifts and is thoughtful in the extreme. Happy birthday Michelle, the best sassy str8 friend I know.

From Chris D

Original Photoshop by Michelle M., Birthday Remix by Chris D.

From Polt

M is for many smiles and laughs you’ve given us.
I is for the ingeniousness of your Photoshops!
C is for the cuteness you just ooze from your dainty lil pores.
H is for Harry, how blessed he is to be Mr. Michelle M.!
E is for the elf-like stature you possess.
L is for the love we all feel for you.
L is for how lucky we all are to know you.
E is for excellent guest posts, gifts, and Photoshops you’ve done for us all.

And the other M. is just an upside down W, to symbolize Wonder Woman.  And
that’s what you are, Michelle M., a woman of wonder!

Happy Birthday Michelle M.!!!!!


From Mush


From FDot

I will simply wish Michelle M. a wonderful birthday.  For if someone as fantastic as Michelle M. cannot
have a wonderful birthday, then the rest of us deserve to languish in pits of fire and despair on a
planet devoid of puppies.    -FDot

From John…

Happy Birthday Michelle, the best blog commenter on the planet!   Disclaimer: the number of candles does not accurately reflect Michelle’s actual age.  No bunnies were harmed in the production of this image.

From Mr. Sombrero…

Happy Birthday From Mr. Sombrero and his kitty, Tesla!

From Craig

From David P.

Happy Birthday to the Marvelous, Magical, Mysterious, Munificent and Mighty Michelle M.!!!

From Mikey & Ty…

Happy Birthday Michelle!

From Paul

Since I have no Photoshop skills I would
like to present Michelle with her birthday pie chart.

From Enrico

Happy Birthday to the only person on Earth who could make a Britney/Ke$ha/Katy/P!nk/Kelly collabo even better!

And finally, from Adam…



22 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE M.!!!!!”

  1. AWWWWW!! You guys are going to make me cry! You’re the best. I love you!

    Tam – Ha! I am definitely going to start using those comments. Cheers!
    Chris D. – We are going to be the most festive corpses EVER!
    Polt – Thanks my “super” friend. And you’re right – Harry is blessed to be Mr. Michelle M.
    Mush – That works for me. And points for there not being as many candles as there should be : ).
    Steven – We need MORE cute pictures of us hanging on each other!
    Fdot – I’ll do my best to have a great birthday. Puppies for everyone!
    john – Aww, so cute. And once again, thank you for underestimating the number of candles.
    Mr. S. – Party at Tesla’s! We’ll try* not to trash the place.
    David P. – No one can tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming. Smell ya later Harry!
    Tykey – That’s your portmanteau (holla Jeopardy). And chocolate is usually my answer for everything.
    Paul – Mmm… pie! I’ll take a slice of your love any day!
    Enrico – Thanks! Maybe you better help me with my look, though. More sparkles?
    Adam – I LOVE little Michelle! She’s so feisty and bad. And definitely needs to be having more adventures.

    *We’re totally not even going to try.

          1. Oh I’m an idiot*! I thought that was David P.’s. “No one can tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming. Smell ya later Harry!” That was supposed to be your comment. So, thanks Craig!

            *’m going to blame this on being old.

  2. Even though I already said it, Happy Birthday, Michelle M.!


    PS, I mailed your card late, so you won’t get it until sometime this week.

  3. Revised comment for David P. : Many major thanks for your magnanimous, magnificent message. Multiple apologies for mangling it.

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