C&R Fight Club: VUBOQ Defeats NKOTBSB!

Did anyone really expect VUBOQ to be defeated by a pack of wimpy boy-banders in the latest edition of Cocky & Rude Fight Club?  Nah… we didn’t think so.  The nine boys of NKOTBSB fell quickly to VUBOQ’s mighty umbrella and homemade pottery storm, who defeated them with an impressive 88% (totaling 83 votes) of the 94 votes cast.  NKOTBSB received only 12% of the vote (11 votes).  We at Cocky & Rude suspect that NKOTBSB’s dance moves and lip-syncing stood no match for VUBOQ, who surprise-attacked them on the top floor of the cheapest roach-infested motel in town.  Sadly, it’s all they could afford.  Bye, Bye, Bye! (oops, wrong boy band…) 

Congratulations, VUBOQ!


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