New Torchwood Trailer!

The show premieres on July 8.  It looks awesome … but it doesn’t really look like Torchwood.  What do you think?


8 thoughts on “New Torchwood Trailer!”

  1. It’s made for American TV, not British, therefore its gonna LOOK like an American TV show. Which means a lot of explosions, a lot og gunfire, a lot of hot chicks in skimply clothes and dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

    I have very little hope for this because 1) it’s being made for American TV and 2) the torchwood people lost me with the crappy Children Of Earth thing anyways.


    1. WHAT?? Children of Earth was great! I just hope they’re all still bang’n everyone (boys and girls) in the new season. And a quick appearance by Dr. Who would be nice too.

      1. Children of Earth was good Science Fiction. But as it sucked as a Torchwood story. And I’ve already been over this topic ad nauseum elsewhere so dont’ MAKE me do it again and bore everyone!


  2. I will watch with an open mind. I hope they do more around the world, There was a lot of stuff going down in Cardiff, you would think that most people would just leave.
    Starz hasn’t skimped on the peen for their other shows, lets hope we get some nice shots here too.

  3. Well, I’ll hope for some peen. 🙂 But I’m living in a liberal commie pinko country and am not allowed to watch that video. Blech.

  4. Okay, now wait, is the whole freakin’ season gonna be about people not dying? Or is this just the first episode. Cause, seriously, I don’t want another Children Of Earth type format, which just slightly less than the episodes that comprised said format.


  5. Yes, it does look different. I suspect that it is a bigger budget production, so they can do more. That isn’t always a good thing, but I will reserve judgement and wait and see. Starz won a great deal of respect from me for producing Spartacus, and the prequel. It was a brilliant and uninhibited show. However, I am not loving their version of Camelot, which seems weak and a bit silly.

    I am a little concerned about the entire premise of this new edition. I hope there is a good explanation of the mechanism keeping even badly damaged bodies “alive”. It seemed like the charred body had a pulse, which implies a working circulatory system. I can suspend disbelief to an extent, but if things get too silly (and without good reason), I have trouble.

    I’m just glad to have Torchwood back, and I hope for the best. I still miss Ianto.

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