The Blogger Triangle: A Vote

Yesterday, Craig of Puntabulous fame, declared his love for my co-blogger’s man, Mr. Sombrero. It was one of the most popular and most commented on posts in all of Cocky & Rude history. The affections of one blogger pitted against another in an eternal battle. A classic romantic triangle was born and our followers rose to the challenge. Who was the better match for the whiskered, Mexican one with the sultry shadowed face: Adam or Craig? There is only one way to settle this kind of internet challenge: Internet poll.

Here are the rules. For the next 24-hours you, our humble (and in the case of some of you, arrogant) readers will have the opportunity to make your case AND vote for who Mr. Sombrero should date, marry, and serve. This vote is completely binding.* What does this mean?  If Adam wins, he can gingerly skip off into the sunset with Mr. Sombrero. If Craig wins (let’s face it, this is far more likely to happen), Adam must kiss Mr. Sombrero good-bye and Mr. Sombrero must move in with Craig and be his sexual servant. Now that you know what is at stake, let’s find out who the men are who are competing for the affections of this large hatted man with the swarthy face.

Hair Color: Red (or Ginger if you are trying to compensate)
Eyes: brown
Height: 6 ft
Weight: unavailable (Spring refused to provide us with this information as she felt it would incriminate her)
Penis Size: Somewhere between a pencil and a beer can.
Career: Graphic Design (or complaining about it)
Pros: Has actually met, dated, and arguable had the intercourse with Mr. Sombrero; Spring will scratch anyone who hurts him;
Cons: Lives in Ringworm NJ; has red hair, which is the devil’s color;

Hair Color: luscious brown locks
Eyes:Dreamy green eyes that you can lost in for days
Height: a statuesque 6’4″
Weight: pleasantly plush yet firm 195
Penis Size: Can of Pledge
Career: Something that made him rich enough to buy a new co-op and furnish it with nice things.
Pros: Apparently very rich; hung like the puntabuschlong;
Cons: Polt will kill anyone who tries to take Craig off the market; Natalie Portman (Craig’s wife) will give you paper cuts.

Don’t forget to tell us why you made your choice in the comments!

*Your votes are not binding. Of course, we wish we could contractually obligate Mr. Sombrero to date whomever you choose, but our current legal system doesn’t allow this. Please contact your local congressmember to change this.


24 thoughts on “The Blogger Triangle: A Vote”

  1. Wow. Tough decisions. I did for Adam for the following reason:

    While the puntabuschlong is oddly gigantic, I believe Mr. S. has indicated that Adam is good in the sack, and we’ve yet to find empirical proof that Craig as been in the sack, with anyone but internet pron and his cardboard wife, so I feel it is unfair to force Mr. S to initiate Craig into the finer arts of the lurve-making when he already has a very(?) experienced ginger partner. (Witnesses to Craig’s abilities in that area feel free to step forward and testify as to his prowess.)

    Plus as a reader/writer of romance, I love me a HEA without the angst of a third party getting in the way. UNLESS you want to go for a threesome, then I’m all on board with that. Umm. Forget I said that. Wait. Two of you aren’t twins are you? ‘Cause that would be hot.

    Okay, I need to go to bed because my mind is traveling to paths probably best left untrod.

  2. I’m voting for Adam because 1) this is his blog and he can tell who I voted for and 2) he knows where I live.

  3. “Polt will kill anyone who tries to take Craig off the market; Natalie Portman (Craig’s wife) will give you paper cuts.”

    Totally voted for Adam, because the sentence above is so true. Remember people, you vote for Craiggers and Natalie Portman (Craigger’s Wife) will give you papercuts and then I’ll cut you. Repeatedly.


  4. I think this blog needs a new tagline: “Not just a Puntabulous pimping blog”.

    I had to abstain from voting as I’m not registered to vote here. Oh than and “neither of these guys” wasn’t an option. I think Mr. S should hook up with the nice policeman who helped him process the restraining order.

  5. I am accepting bribes. My vote will go to the highest bidder. Oh, and I have access to many computers. We’ve established that that’s fair, right?

        1. I could be your straight girl stalker who tries to turn you. As long as I don’t have to put much effort into it. Like I could randomly mail dead flowers or something. Maybe the odd note with letters cut out of magazines. Those are always stalker cool.

  6. Also, I love finding out that I’m very rich! Is my money tucked away in an off shore account somewhere so secure that even I don’t know about it? That would be awesome! Cause bills are starting to come in for that stupid place I bought. The cable and electric are due and I haven’t even enjoyed those amenities!

    1. Except for Second Favorite (which was really First Favorite) blog!

      I humbly accept my second place position in Mr. Sombrero’s heart. But I hold onto the hope that if Adam were to die tragically, horribly, and/or mysteriously, that things may change.

    2. Whew. No need to re-write the happy ending. Or I suppose no happy ending for Craig. *sad face* I just want everyone to be happy and in lurve for evah and evah.

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