A Finer, Better Five

After Adam’s weak attempt at reviving his career as a maker of the Friday Five, I have decided to give you all the truly best five of this week. So what five super awesome things are there in the world that will top everything that Adam wrote about last week? Just read on dear friends.

We start off our five with an animal that has a severe substance issue. We’ve all seen the baby with the cigarettes, but what about a cat ferociously defending their right to their nicotine fix. I’ve heard that nicotine can perk you up, but this cat is down right feisty. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you crazy smoking cat.

After you have laughed your head off with that crazy cat, I would like to get serious with all of you. I recently had a religious experience. I saw the Broadway Musical The Book of Mormon by the creators of South Park and Avenue Q. It was a hilarious, amazing, vulgar and blasphemous experience. If you can’t make it to the city to see it, you can listen to the cast recording on the NPR website!

Osama bin Laden’s death led to the creation of many internet memes. Some were forgettable and some were amazing. One didn’t get as much play as I would have liked. Folks over at LaughingSquid.com reimagine the tale of Star Wars with Darth Vader announcing the death of Obi-Wan in a very Obama-esque manner. I absolutely love the geeks of this world for making this happen.

Speaking of geeks, the folks over at Google recently announced some new products and services they will be offering and I am super excited about them all. In particular, I want Google Music Beta as soon as technologically possible. Any product that claims I can access my music anywhere (even recently played songs when I AM OFFLINE!!!!) would rightfully get my attention. Please Mr. Google, give it to me!

There are also a number of people saying that the end of days is happening this month. I’m excited to see what they say when it doesn’t really happen. In the meantime, I’m laughing at the Slate version of the very last edition of the New York Times. They nailed it.

So there you have the five things that made my list this week. There were, of course, a few things that almost made it: gorgeous weather, Michelle McKee, and hardcore gay porn.


16 thoughts on “A Finer, Better Five”

  1. That kitty is pretty vehement about keeping his smoke. I want to see him light matches with no thumbs.

    If the world is going to end on the 21st, I should take my vacation days. I’d hate to be at waste my last days slaving. Eh. I think I’ll need them later.

    I also think putting Michelle McKee and hardcore gay porn in the same sentence is some sort of sacrilege. Now Puntabulous or Polt or Puntabulous AND Polt and hardcore gay porn would fit.

    1. That was kind of frightening. I had pad thai last night. Not vegan but I wonder if the chef looked like that.

    2. Inspirational! I’m tempted to try my hand at filming Black Metal Homework Help, with vids on how to solve quadratic equations and stuff like that.

      (Now that I typed that, I’m totally visualizing an SNL skit of Black Metal Publicity Consultants, giving tips on public speaking and diction to their clients.)

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