Happy Birthday, Mikey!

There are many Mikeys in the world.  There’s Mikey Jordan, Mikey Bolton, Mikey Jackson, Mikey J. Fox, and Mikey Douglas, among others.  But no Mikey is more special to us than our Mikey.  And on this day that we celebrate the birth of Mikey, I wanted to do something a little special.  So today we’re going to take a quick peek into the life of Mikey … and what he does when he’s not busy blogging at C&R.

Every day, Mikey goes to work.  While there, he gets angry, thinks about stars, question marks, swirls, Justins and exclamation points.  And then he nearly poops himself.

Whenever they have free time, Mikey and his boyfriend Ty go to the beach.  They love to run while carrying their matching blue surf boards.  Check out Mikey’s lovely bresticles!  And what a figure!  Hotcheewowow!

Mikey is also obsessed with everything British.  Totally trumping his obsession with Doctor Who was the recent royal wedding.  Unfortunately, the Queen has banned him for life from Buckingham Palace after he photobombed this royal portrait.

One of Mikey’s favorite pastimes?  Licking pussies.  Especially ginger ones!

Speaking of gingers … Mikey is so jealous of those of us with fiery locks that he spends a lot of his alone time with an orange Sharpie marker, “fixing” photos of himself.

Something else he does when he’s all alone … Mikey enjoys surfing the internet for “video entertainment!”  I wonder if that one will make it onto the Friday Five?

Mikey also loves fun, fun, fun, fun and look’n forward to the weekend with his
buddies Rebecca Black and Braces Girl!

And Mikey loooooooooooves Justin.  So like every devoted fan, Mikey attends every single Justin Bieber concert in the northern hemisphere.

But when he’s not get’n down with Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber,
Mikey also fancies himself quite the performer!

He’s even had a few guest roles on Glee!

But Mikey’s star is rising.  We’re pleased to announce Mikey’s latest role…
he’s starring in a brand new motion picture!

Check out the Cocky & Rude World Exclusive trailer for Unnecessary Force:

It’s truly an honor to be in the presence of such a great talent.  We only hope that as his star rises, he remembers where he came from.  It’s also an honor to wish my friend a happy birthday!



32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mikey!”

  1. Hahaha 🙂 Great post, Adam. And Happy birthday to Mikey! 🙂

    (Just how many awful Justins *are* there in poor Mikey’s life to make him grimace like that? Other than myself and the unmentionable Bieber? I hope he’s not too overwhelmed by an excess of Justins …)

  2. Mikey is also very politically active – after he photobombed the royal wedding, he helped out in the situation room.

    1. LOL That is brilliant Michelle. That hat elicits the expression on Mikey’s face. Shocking, horrid and hideous come to mind.

  3. Foot Porn!!!!! Nooooooooo! That’s just wrong. But there is some manly chest hair in that karaoke pic. Hubba hubba. 🙂

    Have a super day Mikey. Hope everyone treats you as you deserve today. Hugs.

  4. Tam, it’s not bad to be blown in a park, but blown up, nah, not so good.

    And when Mikey’s done filming that movie, I TOTALLY want those boots!!!


  5. Happy Cumpleaños (pun intended) Mikey! How does it feel to finally be 21?
    Btw, you guys look awesome in that trailer.
    That ging reporter is particulary hot.

  6. I don’t know how Adam did it, but he actually topped last year’s post! I’m so impressed and honored! 🙂

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