Today’s Top Search Terms

People come to Cocky & Rude for all sorts of things.  Entertaining posts, comment banter, humor, something to pass the time, fun, games, etc.  But some people come to C&R, and then search for things in that little search box above our blog name.  Here’s a list of the top 5 terms that are being searched for on C&R right now…

male orgasm
biggest cock
biggest penis
ben rappaport shirtless
gay cumshot

What’s wrong with you people?!  And what’s with the daily Ben Rappaport (star of NBC’s Outsourced) fascination?


10 thoughts on “Today’s Top Search Terms”

  1. Top search terms on BER crossdressing, beans on toast, ethan stone – starting over, dreamspinner press, briefencountersreviews (My co-blogger Jen did a piece on cross-dressing characters in books months ago and the number of hits we get on that piece is still phenomenal.)

    Top 5 for my blog are: nsfw, levi poulter, tams reads, chris porter samuel colt, hot firemen. Ummm. Do you sense a theme here? Oh and weirdest one at #7 Salt the Polt. WTF does that even mean?

    1. Maybe it’s one of Polt’s fetishes … he likes having salt sprinkled on him? Ohhhhh yeah baby … salt me some morrreeeeee.

      1. I was going to create a joke entry at for the phrase “salt the polt”, but it turns out they screen submissions to weed out such shenanigans. (Not that the quality of what they do publish shows much benefit from said screening.)

    2. Salt the Polt? Wow, well if someone’s got a fantasy of putting salt on me, and they’re hot, let me know. I’m a whore and have no shame, if they’re cute, I’m up for it. 🙂

      Seriously, though, that’s just freakin’ weird!


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