C&R Fight Club: Tam Wins Round 4!

First we surprised (actually she knew about it in advance) Tam with a Cocky & Rude Fight Club bout for her birthday … and now we’re surprising her (this one probably isn’t a surprise either) with a WIN!  That’s right — the north has won in the battle of Tam vs. Paula Deen!  Tam scored 84% with 112 votes and easily defeated Paula Deen, who only scored 16% with 22 votes.  This bout clearly ended with a Canadian “Eh?” as everyone’s favorite Southern “Ya’ll”-er went down for the count.  I’m guessing that the Dean boys and a few sticks of butter were no match for Tam’s dog sled and a pack of horny M/M boys!
Congratulations Tam!


6 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club: Tam Wins Round 4!”

  1. Wow. Thank you so much to all the little people who voted for me (except the kid who now confesses to voting for Paula 4 times). It’s a lovely mother’s day gift, the win, not hearing the other (although I apparently got 8 votes). And I think my pack of nekkidy boys would distract those Deen boys, I have a feeling about them.

    I love how Paula’s giving that “I’m so happy you won” Academy Award smile.

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