C&R Fight Club: Polt Wins Round 3!

That poor little old lady didn’t stand a chance.  With a barely any effort at all, Polt (who scored 95% with 120 votes) defeated Queen Elizabeth II (who only scored 5% with 6 votes) in the third round of Cocky & Rude Fight Club.  We’re not sure if her mind was wrapped up in wedding plans or corgi flops, but she went down (not that way) fast and hard.  It’s HUGS… all around as we celebrate Polt’s staggering victory over the British royalty.  We expect him to quickly move into Buckingham Palace (after painting it purple, of course).  Congratulations, Polt!


9 thoughts on “C&R Fight Club: Polt Wins Round 3!”

  1. Wow, only 6 votes for the Queen? That’s a stunning victory. Well done Polt. He will be a force to be reckoned with as the competition moves ahead.

  2. I only voted for myself 3 times (honestly) so thanks to all of you. I do a bit sorry for Liz, only managing 6 votes. BUt now we all know Polt’s Palace is cooler than Buckingham Palace!

    Oh, and Tam, I don’t think I’m gonna be much to be reckoned with, unless I’m only going up again queens in their 80s.


    1. Yeah, Craiggers, I just had an octegenarian monarch, you had the youngest man ever to captain a starship! Mine was totz easier!!!


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