He’s Back!

He’s back. Well he’ll be back tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern time on BBCAmerica. He’s the Doctor and he’s my hero. I only last summer became hooked on him like a moth to a flame, but my passion has grown in leaps and bounds. What amazingly great stuff will we see this season (series of you are a non-American)? I’m personally hoping that there is lots of River Song action, because Alex Kingston is the hottest woman on the planet. No seriously, the British doctor from ER is the hottest woman alive. She combines Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and makes me very happy.

So without further adieu ladies and gentlemen I give you one of my favorite moments from last series finale.

I apologize for the laziness of this post, but you see I’m moving today and I just don’t have the energy to think of anything else to write.


7 thoughts on “He’s Back!”

  1. You just got hooked last summer? Have you seen the one season with Christopher Eccelston (sp?) and the three with David Tennant? Man you HAVE to! The whole thing SO rocks.

    Although you probably wanna wait until the move. Which by the way, good luck with!


  2. You’re moving? Good luck. Hope it’s not raining there like here.

    Apparently I’m going to get to see Dr. Who and hour before y’all. It’s on at 8:00 here tonight on Space. Starting Thursday night, all night, until 10:00 last night was a Dr. Who marathon, all of last season so I guess I’m caught up now.

  3. This is when it’s quite annoying that Cablevision does not see fit to carry BBC America in its channel lineup. Looks like another season of torrenting for me. Have fun with the move; hope it goes smoothly.

  4. john, I was a bit ‘meh’ about the whole episode.

    *Spoilers, sweetie, spoilers ahead*

    Too much set up, not enough follow through. And I let reality intrude too much on my enjoyment of it: a black Secret Service agent working right next to the president in 1969? I dont think so. And the perfromace of the Secret Service was abomidable, really.

    But I too am anxious to see how they wrap this up.


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