Straight But Not Narrow

This new campaign is aimed at straight guys who should be friends with friends with guys who like guys … or something like that.  Their aim is to combat bullying and harassment of gay teens, by reasoning with the bullies.  Check out these PSA videos featuring the Josh Hutcherson (the son from The Kids Are All Right and future star of The Hunger Games movie) and Matt Bennett from Victorious (some show on Nickelodeon), and find out more here.


10 thoughts on “Straight But Not Narrow”

  1. @craig & @john it pains me how adorable Josh Hutcherson. And he’s going to look gorgeous as Peeta! Alas…he is way to young for me.

  2. PFFFFFT, I’d do ’em both. At the same time. Who cares if they’re straight? Dont discriminate! But, um…they ARE both 18, right? As long as they’re 18, they aint too young for me. 🙂


  3. @Tam We all know that you would be thrilled if he brought home a cabana boy for you to play with together.

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