Blink and You’ll Miss a Doctor

Have you ever taken one of those survey history courses where the syllabus covers 500 years of European History? The kind where you blink and you miss a decade? Well, I have and they are not entirely helpful. The drive thru express kind of lessons you learn from them never stay with you and you never really get an idea what the hell just happened. That’s why it surprises me that I am about to write about what I’m about to write about.

Doctor Who has been around for 47 years and there have been 11 doctors. That is quite the storied past, even for a British television show. But what exactly happened in those 47 years? Who were these illustrious Doctors? The folks over at Buzzfeed posted a video of two incredibly dorkastic dudes reciting the brief history of the Doctor and I have decided to steal it.

Can you tell I’m getting really excited for the return of Doctor Who???? One Week!


6 thoughts on “Blink and You’ll Miss a Doctor”

  1. I always liked Dr. #4. I think it was the scarf. I’m not sure if we get it on BBC Canada because usually I watch Dr. Who on the Space channel. I tend not to watch it faithfully. If it’s on I watch it but it’s hit and miss.

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