Movie Madness

If there is one medium I could not live without, it would most definitely be film. Sure I watch tons of tv and I use the internet constantly, but I’ve gone without both of these things and come out the other side feeling just fine. Movies, however, will be with me where ever I go and whatever I do. I’m also a total snob about them. If I don’t like a movie, I won’t just tell you it was bad. Nope…that’s too mild. I will tell you that it “the film isn’t worth the celluloid it was printed on” or that “the film is like diarrhea: explosive and shitty.” The one thing I can’t do when it comes to movies is tell you my favorite movie. There are too many to choose from and for so many glorious reasons. And that ladies, gentlemen, and Adam is why I’m going to give you a list of ten of my most beloved movies of all time.

Citizen Kane
I know, I know…this is on every film buffs favorite movie list, but it’s there for all there right reasons. A very American story that is well acted, incredibly well written, and ground-breakingly directed. Movies will forever be divided into those that came before Citizen Kane and those that came after.

Grand Illusion
Only the French could make me love a war movie. This movie by Jean Renoir is methodical, metered, and memorable, but rather than shocking you with images of violence it tells a simple tale of humanity in the face of the worst war the world had ever seen.

It Happened One Night
You know that whole “meet cute” thing that romcoms try to force? Well this movie practically invented it. Filmmakers have been trying for years to get the chemistry the cast of It Happened One Night had. It doesn’t happen that often.

Annie Hall
I think I might be a younger, gay non-Jewish Woody Allen. That’s probably why I love his movies so much. Or it could be that they are hilarious and witty while commenting on current social values. Yeah…that’s it. And Annie Hall is all that and lot’s great 70s outfits.

Have heard of this thing called reality television? Well, this movie presaged its arrival and what it would mean for the medium of television. Network is an amazing movie because the infotainment argument still exists and in many ways has gotten a lot worse.

Minnesota/North Dakota accents, Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi and a woodchipper are all you need to know about how awesome this dark comedy is.

Rear Window
I couldn’t leave Hitchcock off of my list and Rear Window earned its spot by being such a damn simple concept that freaks me out everytime I see it. Oh and Grace Kelly ain’t too shabby.

The Apartment
If we learn anything from the tv show Mad Men it is that husbands in the 60s needed a place to take their women on the side. Jack Lemon had just the place until he falls for the boss’s girl. They somehow even manage to make attempted suicide funny.

All About Eve
If you want to make it anywhere in show biz, you must watch this movie. It is an instructional guide for starlets of all shapes, sizes, and genders. It even makes you forget about Bette Davis’s enormous forehead.

Despite what you have heard, Faye Dunaway can act. She did so in this movie and I loved it. This seedy 1930’s set noir about the underbelly of Los Angeles is simply unforgettable.

So there you have my ten favorite movies of all time. Well at least the ten I wrote about today. Tomorrow I might have ten other favorites. Share your all time favorite movies and see if you can get me to add them to my list.


13 thoughts on “Movie Madness”

  1. I’ve seen 2 of those. Hmmm. I think my tastes are much more pedestrian. And what I love now, a year from now, eh. I do like the oldies though and used to watch them all the time on the weekends. Actors like Cary Grant, and Gene Kelly and all those actors who could really act and not just look pretty. Singing and dancing works too.

  2. I’ve seen Citizen Kane (thought it was okay but overrated), Fargo (the accents alone make it a truly great movie!), and Rear Window (good movie, although I prefer The Birds).

    Unless the movie has special effects that need to be seen on a big screen, i don’t see it in a theater. Too expensive, when I can get the movie later on Netflix. And then i don’t have to worry about anyone behind me tallking through the whole thing.


  3. I just realized I should have been shaking my cane at all the young whipper snappers as I said that line about actors who can act. LOL

  4. As a rule, I hate nearly every movie made before 1980. Of everything on your list, I’ve only seen Fargo. I’m going to have to make a list now because your list sucks!

  5. I agree with most of Mikey’s list. Those are all fine films that can be watched anytime. It’s getting harder to find movies made these days that people will want to watch 50 years from now.

    I remember going to a double bill of The Yellow Bird / Network that Faye Dunaway was introducing. The Yellow Bird was a short film she had directed. She talked about her inspiration and why she decided to direct a short film then showed the movie. After that, she got back up on stage, thanked us for the reception to her film, then, as only a true screen star can do, paused, thought for a few seconds and asked the audience: “Which film of mine are we showing tonight?” The audience yelled back “Network!” She laughed and said. “Oh, you’re lucky. That’s a good one.”

  6. I’ve seen all of these except for Grand Illusion (which I’ll have to put on my queue). I love the black and white movies, especially late at night or on a rainy afternoon. Hurray for TCM! I agree with Tam about Cary Grant. And also, yum.
    I like your choices – although I never really cared for Citizen Kane.

    My all-time favorite movie is The Sounds of Music.

    Troll 2 came in the mail today, so there’s that.

  7. The only movie I haven’t seen from your list is Grand Illusion. I totally agree with all of your choices. I would add:

    To Kill A Mockingbird
    Psycho (the original)
    Singin’ In The Rain
    Whatever Happened To Baby Jane

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