The Only Thing

It has become tradition on Cocky & Rude to post five of our favorite things from the previous week on Friday, but this week is a bit different. As I reflected upon this incredible week of the world wide web and even the world off-line, I came to one conclusion: there is only one thing that I found warranted the Friday Five treatment. What could be so amazing that it is worth five whole things? What happened on the internet this week that was so kickass? No it isn’t a picture of a kitten with text or a parody of another action movie. It is a throwback to the 80s when Meg Ryan still had a career.

Just a few short days ago, Funny or Die posted perhaps one of its funniest clips of all time. It shows that a little magic happens when you combine Helen Mirren, Billy Crystal, and Mike Tyson. Sadly for Helen it wasn’t a threeway, because I’m sure that would have been hot. It is When Harry Met Sally 2. The clip combines good writing, amazing acting, and great comedic timing to produce one of the most memorable faux sequels of all time. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Only Thing”

  1. @Mikey, I’ve seen Caligula. Hence why I know I’d watch Helen Mirron in a porno. Although I meant a less-Roman, more threeway with billy Crystal & Mike Tyson kinda porno, but still….


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