Earlier today we revealed that the Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 Fan Favorite would either be FDot, Michelle M. or
Mikey.  And now … the Fan Favorite of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 … will be announced in just a moment!

First, please enjoy Mel‘s celebratory musical selection.
Here’s Green Day performing We Are The Champions:



Congratulations FDot!  Everyone loves you!  Even Craig, who offered this doodle:

FDot offered these words…

“Obviously, winning fan favorite finally allows me the opportunity to hang with the real celebs of this world.  So in an incredibly self-serving manner, I’ve sent over pictures of me with Karen, Angie and Linda, who, prior to my fan favorite status, refused to give me the time of day.  The final picture shows me being accosted by a large gathering of new fans, attracted to me by either the aura of importance I now have, or a pile of birdseed in my hand.”

“But seriously, I would like to thank all those who voted for me and hope I gave a few people chuckles as they read my blurbs week after week after week after……  I love all of you, except for the one of you I only mildly like.”

Congratulations, FDot!


23 thoughts on “AND THE FAN FAVORITE IS…”

  1. I was expecting him to clutch a statuette sand shout “You LIKE me! You REALLY like me!” But then I remembered he looks awful in an evening gown. Congrats!


  2. YAY! FDot! Congratulations! I’m waiting for Josh and Enrico to arrive to demand a recount so that Michelle M. wins.

  3. Yay! It’s like I won, because I voted for Fdot (sorry, Mikey). Your blurbs were fantastic.

    Cute cartoon Craig. Is Fdot being hand fed grapes or peas?

  4. Crappy work computer….As I was saying, due to this incident involving the wine, the ferret and the less said about the pyramid of champagne glasses, the better; I seem to have spent all my newfound sense of self-worth and instant celebrity and have gone into hiding. I’m also concivned I see Michelle M. stalking me with a 7.62x51mm M40 Marine issue sniper rifle.

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