Spring into the Friday Five

As March marches to a close, Cocky & Rude wanted to remind you of all super-fantastic-amazing-great stuff there is out there to celebrate. Get your engines ready for the Friday Five because this week we are going from zero to 60 in really short period of time.

Is it Friday Yet?

Yes it is! Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post. Do you know how I know it is Friday? By clicking this link given to me by my ever wonderful coworker. Nothing could be more fun than a website that tells you when you have finally gotten to Friday. Check it out all next week to see what happens!

In case you didn’t notice because of all the hail, freezing rain and snow, it is spring. Well Chloe didn’t miss a beat. She’s ready for the flowers, the food, and the fashion of the season. You don’t believe me, do you? Well let Madame Chloe Sevigny speak for himself.

A Sleazy Man’s Best Friend
Friday night is a traditional go out, drink, and hit on some people kinda night. Thanks to this handy website I found earlier this week you will all be prepared to meet the man or woman of the moment. With gems like “I’m like a Rubik’s Cube … The more you play with me the harder I Get!” and “There are 206 bones in the human body… do you want another one?” how can you not get any tail tonight? Sure you’ll get some drinks in your face from time to time, but there is bound to be some one who will have a sense of humor and take some pity on you.

Tenga Flip Hole
When the pickup lines above don’t work for you, you are going to need something to help you get happy. And Tam knew exactly what we needed. She sent us the link to the following instructional video that got us ready to go in no time. Think you don’t need a state-of-the-art masturbation aid? Well you haven’t seen the Tenga Flip Hole.

Deflowered Vase
If al this talk of sex and flip holes has gotten you curious about reproductive anatomy, I have just the answer to your worries. I know you are all expecting some sort of weird instructional video in Japanese, but I hope you aren’t disappointed. What we have is your basic household vase in the shape of the female reproductive organs. Think of the symbolism of growing flowers in your very own ceramic uterus. This is a real thing that you can do. Just visit Design Milk to find out how to purchase one. I do NOT want one for my birthday.

And there you have it, blog buddies. First five things of spring: Is it Friday Yet?, Chloe does Spring, Cheesey Pick-up lines, Tenga Flip Hole, & the Uterus Vase. What do you think? Did we pick well? What is on your list this week? Leave it in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Spring into the Friday Five”

  1. It’s wrong that I kind of like that vase isn’t it?

    I was a bit concerned with the flip hole when the example was using a thin metal rod. I thought it would limit the customer base to those with a literal pencil dick, but I see that size was just for demonstration purposes. Whew. Although, if you really were that size you’d probably need a flip hole because when girls say “it’s not the size that matters”, we’re lying. (can’t speak for boys but I think it’s similar)

    Campari and creme? Ugh. I thought campari and soda was bad. The Czech’s drink that stuff like crazy.

  2. @Mikey – It’s too bitter for me. When I lived in the Czech Republic EVERY reception – Campari and soda. I did manage to drink it, not THAT bad, but didn’t ever love it. Also got used to water with bubbles in it.

  3. Chloe KILLS me! The Flip Hole disturbed me a little. Enhance your sex life with different types of lube? How about trying to meet someone?

    Tam, I kind of like the vase too.

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