Have You Ever … Annoyed Mikey?!

A few months ago, we found out how easy it is to annoy Adam. You may have just been humming along living your life when some random dude in a red Honda Fit flipped you off and called you a granny-ass driver.  That was Adam.  Now it is time to see how difficult it is to annoy Mikey: the self-proclaimed master of zen.  You know the rules: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments section.

Have You Ever…

1. Have you ever ordered something on the menu at a restaurant and then asked that ever single item on your entree was removed?
2. Have you ever ordered something unfitting from a karaoke bar, like wine?
3. Have you ever reached the top of a stairway and stopped directly at the top without regard for the fact that others are walking behind you?
4. Have you ever stopped at the bottom of a moving escalator thinking that the people right behind wouldn’t end up crushed to death?
5. Have you ever corrected someone’s spelling in a non-formal communication like a chat, email or blog post?
6. Have you ever corrected someone’s grammar in a non-formal communication like a chat, email or blog post?
7. Have, you, ever, inserted, additional, commas, into, Mikey’s, writing, because, you, felt, they, belonged, there? [Note: Adam edited this question.]
8. Have you ever called someone five seconds after emailing them to see if they got your email?
9. Have you ever emailed someone and asked what “twitter town hall” was and if it was something to do with skype?
10. Have you ever walked slowly in the middle of the sidewalk?
11. Have you ever gone to a movie close to start time and yelled over the crowd to see if “that seat is taken?”
12. Have you ever pushed someone out of the way on the train platform so that you could get to the bottleneck at the gate directly in front of them?
13. Have you ever stood in front of subway doors or elevator doors when they are open without moving to allow people to get on or off?
14. Have you ever talked on your cellphone while riding any form of public transportation?
15. Have you ever used the “10 Items or Less Lane” when you had more than 10 items?
16. Have you ever used the self-checkout lane with more than 5 items?
17. Have you ever been consistently late and blamed your lateness on the “traffic” or the “subway?”
18. Have you ever asked where the paper clips are when they are always in the supply cabinet?
19. Have you ever expected someone to supervise your staff because you don’t understand your own job?
20. Have you ever kept a yappy dog  at home with no entertainment or distraction to keep it from yapping at every sound it hears?
21. Have you ever given/received a blow-job at a friend’s housewarming party on his bed, while other people were in the next room?
22. Have you ever given shooting lessons to a 7 year old?
23. Have you ever been pretentious?
24. Have you ever taken Mikey for granted?
25. Have you ever been Sarah Palin?
Wow…you really do annoy Mikey!  Leave your number in the comments so we can all see how much you have annoyed the hell out of him!

31 thoughts on “Have You Ever … Annoyed Mikey?!”

  1. 4 but honestly, the self-check-out lanes at the grocery store here have no limits. People regularly use them with a cart load of groceries. Really.

  2. 1. I think that means Michelle M. wins him fair and square. If, for any reason, she is unable to fulfill her duties, Craig and I must fight to the death for him.

  3. 6. I thought this would be median, apparently, it’s the high score so far. And I was really hoping to be in the FDot level of pointage here! 😦


  4. 2. I think you are going to have to elaborate about the self-checkout item. No one seems to understand why it’s a big deal to you.

  5. Now Michelle has to fight Paul for Mikey.

    I probably should start on my blurb before the next Have You Ever Annoyed Mikey consists entirely of things directed toward me.

  6. as requested: Self-checkout lanes are to be quick and simple. more items = more difficult = more time = me behind you wishing I could show you how to live

  7. My local BJ’s Wholesale Club has no limit on self-checkout and Stop & Shop has some with and without limits. I prefer to self-checkout as long as there aren’t morons and/or old people in front of me in line. I can self checkout an entire cart of merchandise before most people can check out their 2 items.

  8. @Adam — and when I do have to go to a cashier, I’d rather bag my own groceries than let them do it. I do a better job! OMG I’m completely a compulsive freak, aren’t I?!

  9. @Adam Nothing pisses me off more than baggers who put 3 items in every bag. I put it on the conveyer belt grouped by item so is it really so hard to put them in the bag in that order. All the frozen stuff in one, cans in another? Is that difficult? Especialy now that I have to pay .5 per bag. I have been known to compliment checkers on their bagging skills if they do a great job. Okay, it would appear I have issues. Deep breath.

  10. My grocery syore has it so you can get a hand held scanner that you take with you while you shop so you can bag your groceries as you go. I hate when there are people who bring unscanned stuff to the checkout for the pre scanned stuff.

  11. Tam: I totally do the same thing in the check out line! I hate when the baggers give me too many bags. And why do they insist on bagging milk? It has its own handle!

  12. When I would walk to the grocery store, I appreciated not having to hold onto handles filled with cold milk on my way home.

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