BC&RL2: Final Elimination! (Part 2)

Earlier today we revealed that Paul and Ryan have made it into the Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 finals!  Which contestant will survive today’s elimination and join those two players in the finale?  It’ll be either …

Mush or FDot

But before we reveal today’s elimination, please enjoy this farewell-themed musical selection, chosen for you to enjoy by Tam and “The Kid.”  Here’s some random Canadian girl named Cory Lee performing her oddly multicultural hit, Goodbye:

And now … the final eliminated Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 contestant is…


Poor FDot has offered this photo to illustrate the “crippling depression… [that he’s] now suffering due to being so outstandingly rejected by everyone.”

The elimination of FDot means that Mush, Ryan and Paul will move on
to the final round of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2.

But don’t eat too much of that Friendly’s Ice Cream, FDot — you still have a chance to win. This year we’ll be awarding our Rudest Loser prize to the eliminated player that loses the most weight. Keep working hard to drop some pounds, and we’ll check back in with you on April 7th!


17 thoughts on “BC&RL2: Final Elimination! (Part 2)”

  1. Oh I should have added for the few fans of Degrassi out there, Ms. Lee plays automechanics teacher Ms. Oh on the show. Apparently. I have no clue in which season not being a regular watcher myself.

  2. I watch Degrassi, but I don’t remember her. The song is cute, though.

    I just want to give Fdot a hug in that picture. And share his ice cream.

  3. He’s wearing sunglasses cause his eyes are all red and bloodshot from the previous six containers of ice cream/chocolate syrup he’s consumed. Poor boy went on a binge to beat all binges, and then staggered into the losers tent and promptly collapsed. He’s yet to come out of it.

    BUt good luck to the final three!


  4. Was this decision influenced by the fact that if Jere knocks himself out with a Spring Break binge, you would become most likely to win?

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