Randall’s Storied Past

Adam didn’t like what I was going to post but fuck that, cuz Craig says that I’m a better blogger. Randall is the genius behind the amazing Honey Badger clip that you might have seen on Craig’s blog and actually commented on. Before Craig gets the chance to steal this from us and before we get the chance to steal it from Mel, I am declaring far and wide that this homolicious narrator is blog-property of Cocky & Rude. Do you hear that Puntabubottom?

First we have Randall telling us all about the wonders of the Jesus Lizard. I don’t know what a Jesus Lizard is or even if it really is a Jesus Lizard, but that doesn’t matter, cuz it’s funny.

Vampires are very hot right now. Between the neuters of Twilight and the hot sexy dudes of True Blood, we just can’t get enough of these suckers. That’s probably why Randall posted this.

Zebras have learned one of the most important lessons of fashion: vertical lines are slimming. That is why they are so popular. It could also be that they are like horses and horses are cool. I guess.

So there you have a super amazing, Adam-approved, Saturday Post! Don’t you just love it?


5 thoughts on “Randall’s Storied Past”

  1. I love Randal and Jesus lizards. What deity DOESN’T want a lizard named after him? I’m sure Buddah and Allah are so jealous.

  2. Ah, the honey-badger could take any of them in a fight. A zebra, vampire thingee and Jessu Lizard all at the same time! Cause the honey-badger, he just don’t give a shit.


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