It’s a little like the Friday Five.  It’s a little like Manic Monday.  But, just more EXXXTREME!  It’s a new feature at Cocky & Rude were we feature people, places and things that go to the ultimate EXXXTREME!  Fasten your seat belt cuz here we go (and I’m a bad driver!):

I’m obsessed with Charlie Sheen, and I just can’t get enough!  It’s like I’m infected with tiger blood and Adonis DNA.  It’s like I’ve taken a drug called … CHARLIE SHEEN!  And my face didn’t melt off.  I’m winning.  Did you hear me?  WINNNING!  If you know me in real life, I’ve probably already bothered you (featuring: EXXXTREME ANNNOYING!) with my Charlie Sheen Android Widget and about a dozen soundboards.  I’ve also watched this remix video about a dozen times.  It’s my new favorite song!  WINNNING!

Have you ever heard of Urine Therapy?  It’s GROSSS! Urine Therapy refers to various applications of human urine for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, including drinking of one’s own urine and massaging one’s skin with one’s own urine.  In Roman times, there was a tradition among the Gauls to use urine to whiten teeth.  In China, the urine of young boys has been regarded as a curative. In southern China, babies’ faces are washed with urine to protect the skin.  Wikipedia suggests that Author J.D. Salinger is also said to have been an adherent of Urine Therapy.  And I thought urine was just for the shower toilet!  So next time you’re watching Urolagnia porn, just assume that they’re doing it for their health!

In what may be the most anti-Adam series of videos of all time, Epic Meal Time on YouTube features a series of unconventional food videos.  My favorites?  Meat Salad and the Slaughterhouse Christmas Special.  Both feature lots of Bacon, bacon, bacon, BACCCON!  (And if/when you’re grossed out by these videos, go read some PETA propaganda.)

So what are your favorite EXXXTREMEities?  Have you witnessed anything EXXXTREME lately?  Tell me all about it in the COMMMENTS!  (And yes, whenever possible,  I suggest that you triplify your consonants.  Cuz it’s more EXXXTREME and ANNNOYING!)


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get EXXXTREME!”

  1. It’s bad that I thought the meat salad looked kind of good right? (Sorry Adam) If they hadn’t eaten it so rudely. Too much cheese whiz on the second one, however the bacon and puff pastry roof was cute.

    Urine? Ack! I know they used to collect it in the olden days to do something with wool. Mel could likely expound on that. I prefer to not think about it. Boys and the shower. Sheesh.

    Something extreme? Not my boss’s asshattery then? Umm. The weather? From pouring rain to 6 inches of snow in 10 hours. That’s pretty fucking exxxtreme, or maybe my reaction to it is. Wait, does three x’s in the word make it kinky somehow?

  2. The best part of the Charlie Sheen video was the addition of the “Charlie bit me” kids. That man is screaming toward a psychotic break.

    The only water sport I want to hear about is water polo. The meat salad kind of made me gag a little.

    Nothing exxxxtreme going on here, unless you count my exxxxtreme boredom with my job.

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