Elimination complete. Please wipe until clean.

Okay, let’s get this over with!  It’s time to boot this week’s player from Biggest Cock and Rudest Loser 2.
The two contestants that are facing elimination are:

FDot &


But before we announce this week’s loser, here’s a farewell video that Mush selected.
Please enjoy Elton John (and the Muppets) performing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road:

And now, without further blah blah blah, this week’s eliminated contestant is…


This means that FDot has avoided elimination for another week!

As a final farewell to Adam, Craig has offered two more doodles:

It’s kinda weird writing an elimination post for yourself.  But in case you’ve forgotten, I still have a chance to win. This year we’ll be awarding our Rudest Loser prize to the eliminated player that loses the most weight. I’m going to win that prize on April 7th!  Ha!


6 thoughts on “Elimination complete. Please wipe until clean.”

  1. I’m going to be encouraged by this. While it is a little unsettling when not being last isn’t enough to avoid elimination, it good to know that Adam doesn’t have enough home-field advantage to make him invincible. Now, I just need to keep on watching what I eat and going on walks.

  2. The loser’s tent has girly drinks, but no tofu, sorry Adam. But it’s nice to have another (authentic) ginger here! 🙂


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