C&R Oscar Picks: Part One

The Oscars are upon us and you have bided your breath waiting to find out  what the true experts have to say about the slate of nominees.  And just who are these experts?  Probably the people that work for Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and Access Hollywood.  Who will you have to settle for?  None other than your favorite bloggers: Adam & Mikey.  We’ve also checked out all of your contest entries, so we’ll also toss your opinion into the mix.  Here are the C&R picks for who will win:

The Shorts: Live Action, Animated & Documentary

Mikey: Who should win Best Live Action Short? I have no clue who should win this award because I have seen none of them.  However, I can tell you that The Confession will win.  I base this on the fact that it comes alphabetically first on the list of nominees.

Adam: So far I’m voting for The Confession as well.  It’s the film that’s getting the most buzz, and the one short that I have seen, Wish 143 was sweet but underwhelming.

Readers: C&R ballots awarded a tie to The Confession & The Crush.

Mikey: Who should win Best Animated Short?  The Gruffalo.  Who will win?  The Gruffalo.  Why?  Cuz that name is adorable and it is British.  Ride the Wave!

Adam: I also picked The Gruffalo.

Readers: Our voters chose The Gruffalo with an overwhelming majority!

Mikey: This pick is tough (cuz…I’m pretending I know what the hell I’m saying), but I feel confident that  Killing in the Name will win and in fact should win this award.  Death is attractive to rich old celebs.

Adam: I also picked Killing in the Name because my IMDB list said that the winner would be “Nominees TBD.”  I thought it’d be funny to see TBD take the stage.

Readers: The majority of balloteers also found death sexy….and gave the award to Killing in the Name.

Best Documentary Feature

Adam: I’ve heard that Restrepo is getting a lot of buzz, but I didn’t love it.  I can appreciate that it’s sad and timely (it’s about the war in Afghanistan), but I thoroughly enjoyed Exit Through The Gift Shop.  Plus I’d love to see what happens if Banksy takes the stage.

Mikey: The Banksy connection and the perpetual playing on streaming Netflix aside, my money is on the Inside Job since Academy voters love to shame politicians and capitalists, to which they bare little to no  resemblance.

Readers: Our voters voted for Banksy and chose Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Best Visual Effects

Adam: I’m voting that Inception will snatch up a bunch of the lesser awards because it won’t fare well in the major categories.

Mikey: The only competition that Inception has in this category is Alice in Wonderland, which can’t even hold its own.  Inception is a Visual Effects movie and deserves this award without a doubt.

Readers: C&R voters unanimously awarded this Oscar to Inception too.

Best Sound Mixing & Sound Editing

Mikey: I’m sure there is some nerd out there who can tell me the difference between these two. I don’t really care because in the end they are both going to Inception.

Adam: Agreed: Inception.

Readers: Our Ballots also show that 75% of voters will choose Inception.

Best Original Score & Original Song

Mikey: I hate the original song category. An obvious ploy to get viewers, but no one is going to tune in to see Gwyneth Paltrow sing again…so my money is ‘If I Rise’ from 127 Hours.

Adam: I disagree that’s it’s a ploy to get voters (because I can’t really remember any view draws in recent years), but I agree with ‘If I Rise’ from 127 Hours. But to be honest, I only voted for it because I assumed that it was the song from the trailer.  I was wrong.

Readers: Our panel of balloteering balloters seem to not want to hear Randy Newman or Gwyneth sing…so they went for If I Rise as well.

Mikey: The musical score can be as important as the acting in a movie, which is why this year’s pool of musical scores might be one the most competitive races of the night.   I think that The King’s Speech’s score will find it’s way to the podium by riding a wave of support for the movie, which is a shame because The Social Network’s is the most groundbreaking and memorable of the bunch.

Adam: My money’s on The Social Network. That’s an expression … I didn’t really bet money.

Readers: The survey says… The Social Network.

Best Makeup, Costume Design & Art Direction

Mikey: Makeup is a cute category.  But you can always tell who will win by knowing how much makeup was used in the film.  Obviously the amount of latex used in making The Wolfman will be rewarded.

Readers: Voters chose The Wolfman…but probably because they are hot for Benicio.

Adam: Ewww, Mikey wrote that — and Benicio is gross.  Do people actually find him attractive?  Blechk.  I didn’t see Barney’s Version or The Way-Back, and although I thought it was a crappy movie, I’m voting for The Wolfman.

Mikey: What factors can you rely on to know who will win Costume Design?  Glamour, Period Setting, Extravagance and Women. Alice in Wonderland has this perfect storm and has the award all sewn up. Art Direction is just like Costumes, but less clothes and more walls and shit.  That’s why Alice also wins because it had all that and bag of crazy Johnny Depp.

Adam: Alice in Wonderland was breathtakingly beautiful.  The rest of the nominated movies shined in these categories, but not as brightly as Alice in Wonderland.

Readers: Most of the readers agreed, with a majority picking Alice.

Best Editing & Best Cinematography

Adam: The Social Network flew through its lengthy script with ease.  With the exception of 127 Hours, none of the other nominees stand a chance.  I’m going with The Social Network.

Mikey: For jumping seamless through time, The Social Network should and will walk away with the award this year.  For Best Cinematography, my vote is for True Grit. The Academy has to prove that it gave True Grit a bunch of nominations for a reason.  That’s why they’ll give True Grit the Cinematography award, which they all kinda understand, but don’t really care about.

Adam: They don’t care about it?  I’d care about if I won the award.  I feel like this award could go to The King’s Speech, but I have a feeling it will go to True Grit as well.  That’s my pick.

Readers: The readers were spread pretty evenly in these two categories.  The Social Network leads Editing and True Grit leads Cinematography, but not by very much.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of our Oscar picks!



10 thoughts on “C&R Oscar Picks: Part One”

  1. Most of those I was choosing randomly, similar to my university psychology exams.

    Beneico, just say no. That’s my motto. He’s kind of greasy looking.

  2. Oh I forgot, some film critic on the radio last night said that The Fighter would win for best editing because it’s really hard to edit fight scenes. *shrug* I still like the close your eyes and randomly choose method that I have perfected.

    And I spelled Benicio wrong. Not that it makes him any more attractive when it’s spelled correctly.

  3. OK…so best song performers/nominees in recent years have included Dolly Parton, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, The Counting Crows, Sting, Melissa Etheridge, Three 6 Mafia, Eminem, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel….

    so…i guess some people might want to see them.

    And Benicio useed to be hot….before he went crazy…

  4. Adam and I are still recovering from last year’s Live Blog extravaganza….we can have a conversation in the comments to tomorrow’s picks, which is kind of like live blogging except no carpal tunnel syndrome.

  5. Like the Principal in Glee, when I read Jo$hr!co, I pronounce it as joe-dollar sign-Haree-exclamantion point-co.

    It take longer to say it, but it always leaves me smiling.


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