How it happens

Now that Cocky & Rude has been around for you a year, I would like to give you an intimate behind the scenes tour of what goes into making a post. The first step is the inspiration. Depending upon your liking, the inspiration comes from someone else’s blog, a television show I’m watching while blogging, some bizarre dream I had, or alcohol.

Once inspiration has arrived, I get all comfy at the computer and start to write the post. If I’m enjoying the post, I’ll make witty remarks and references. If I’m not enjoying the post, I’ll end up writing something really, really, really banal like “clouds are fun.” Once the post is all done, I’ll look for some sort of accompanying art.

Then the fun things start to really happen. Upon seeing the post I have created in my free time for my own personal enjoyment, Adam vomits words at me. He might also expel the contents of his stomach too. Only he knows for sure. Frequent causes of the emesis are the abject lameness of my post or more commonly my misuse of the sacred comma.

I then hang my head in shame and begin the ritual of self-flagellation. This ritual is one I know well from all my years of putting myself down. I can insult myself faster than Woody Allen and with much more alacrity. It is my best talent.

After this my inspiration becomes smaller and my drinking becomes heavier. It’s a hard knock life for me. But Adam does keep me on my toes….if it wasn’t for his pestering, I probably would never post. That’s why I love him!


8 thoughts on “How it happens”

  1. I used to hate commas but they are growing on me (although I keep picking them off much like ticks). You’re creative process is indeed intriguing.

  2. That is my favorite name tag ever.
    Well, not everyone can blog about poo and stuffing things into their mouth. I think your posts are very enjoyable. So have another beer and go crazy with your commas.

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