83rd Academy Awards Ballot

The most amazing day of the year is just over a week away! Can you feel it??? The Oscars are coming!!!! That’s why Adam and Mikey have decided to bring you the 1st Annual Cocky & Rude Oscar Contest. What does this mean to YOU, our loyal readers/commenters? It means that you can win an amazing stash of goodies valued at up to 10 whole American dollar (which is equivalent to 9.84 Canadian dollars for those of you who are interested). So take the time between now and 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 to choose the films you think will win these illustrious awards. We have even added two categories of particular interest to one of our West Coast readers … feel free to take a guess in comments. Oh and tell us how much you love the Oscars too!


8 thoughts on “83rd Academy Awards Ballot”

  1. Considering I’ve only seen one of those movies it was a total crap shoot. I think that Winter Bone and 127 Hours are so screwed. Nominated repeatedly and I’ll think they will a grand total between them of ZERO.

    Oh and I’m all agog at your technical skills here. Wow.

  2. @Tam we might do something…..it was lots of fun, but really exhausting last year. But…..fun and a bajillion comments make us happy

  3. I couldn’t even submit an answer for the last two questions, cause I have no idea who’d gonna be there and who isn’t.

    And thank God I had a quarter with me to flip on some of the choices. 🙂


  4. I’m going to have to give this some thought before I vote. Mostly, because I haven’t seem most of the movies up for awards.

    But squee on the dress category!
    As of now, I’m going with Anne Hathaway for best dressed (because she usually is one of the best dressed. And because she’s hosting she’ll probably wear a few gowns – which increases the odds). Or maybe Sandra Bullock.
    Worst dressed will probably be Helena Bonham Carter. Unless Diane Keaton, Cher or Susan Saranwrap are there.

  5. As a representative of the Neutral Planet, I have no strong feelings one way or the other. Seriously, I haven’t seen most of these movies.

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