BC&RL2: Elimination 4 (Part 2)

Today is the day that we say farewell to our third eliminated Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 team. Earlier today we revealed that Tyler-Exia & Buli-Mikey is safe from elimination. That leaves two teams to face elimination today:

Doctor And The Bunnyman, which is made up of Mel and John.

The Jailhouse Lawyers, which is made up of Polt and Jere.

But before we reveal the eliminated team, here’s a farewell video that Josh from Josh Is Trashy has picked out!  Please enjoy this farewell tune.

And now, the 4th eliminated of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 is…


That means that The Jailhouse Lawyers are safe for another week!

Don’t be too sad, Mel and John — you still have a chance to win. This year we’ll be awarding our Rudest Loser prize to the eliminated player that loses the most weight. Keep working hard to drop some pounds, and we’ll check back in with you on April 7th!


9 thoughts on “BC&RL2: Elimination 4 (Part 2)”

  1. Sniff. We’ll miss you. As for eliminated teams. I seem to have stalled out and all-day meetings with food provided don’t help. Excuses, excuses.

  2. And just when the weight’s started to drop again. Probably didn’t help that I’m so close to my goal weight from last year anyway. Like I said before, though, y’all bitchez ain’t heard the last of me.

  3. That sucks. I hate elimination day.

    Ryan – we’ve been sooooo good with the working out and the vegetable eating. We tried to have a cheat day yesterday and go to Sprinkles cupcakes (Have you had one yet? Are they any good?), but the line was ridiculous. So we bought girl scout cookies instead.

  4. Oh balls. Sorry Doctor Mel! We gave it a good run though.

    Tam, Michelle, will one of you hand me a drink? Where is the cabana?

  5. @Michelle M. – I didn’t know about it. It’s with walking distance, so that will cancel the cupcake out, right?

  6. john: When I get to the loser’s table I’m gonna be askin’ where the cabana boy is! 🙂

    Sorry to see you guys go. But I’m sure I’ll be there soon. This weight losing thingee is hard. 😦


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