How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Hello and welcome to the second edition of a game that we’re calling:
How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?

Did you happen to notice that my face looks especially fat and that my hair’s a mess?
At least my giant head fits into the photo this time!

Each time that we play this game, I’ll take a whole bunch of objects and jam then into my big mouth.
Then you’ll guess how many of that object fit inside of me.  And then later, I’ll reveal the results.

For this round, I’ve chosen: Mini Pretzels.  Hard pretzels like these originated in the United States, where, in 1850, the Sturgis bakery in Lititz, Pennsylvania, became the first commercial hard pretzel bakery. Snackfood hard pretzels are commonly shaped as sticks, loops, braids, letters or little pretzels; they have become a popular snack in many countries around the world. Unlike the soft pretzels, these are durable when kept in an airtight environment and marketable in a variety of stores.  The pretzel that I will be using today is an unsalted mini pretzel.

So how many of these pretzels can I fit into my mouth?

Leave your guesses in the comments!

And I’ll reveal the results on Tuesday at noon!


20 thoughts on “How Many Things Can Adam Jam Into His Mouth?”

  1. The Snyder’s Hard Pretzel plant is nearby here and their products are ALL over! I LOVE thos hard pretzels.

    Anyways, my guess? I have no idea, let’s go with 15.


  2. Mr. Sombrero also yells at Adam when he’s jamming stuff into his mouth, in general.

    But for the sake of the game: 22.

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