BC&RL2: Elimination 2 (Part Two)

Today is the day that we say farewell to our second eliminated Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 team. Earlier today we revealed that Encraigo is safe from elimination. That leaves two teams to face elimination today:

Team Oink, which is made up of Michelle and Harry.

Tyler-Exia & Buli-Mikey, which is made up of Ty and Mikey.

But before we reveal the eliminated team, here’s a farewell video that Josh of JoshIsTrashy has picked out!  The goodbye song is… Miss You by Aaliyah! “SO SAD!”

And now, the second eliminated of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 is…


Goodbye Michelle and Harry!

We contacted Team Oink, and they offered these parting words:

What happened to our perfect team?  Well, being kicked off (even though we are losing weight, eating right and exercising almost daily – WHATEVER.) only makes us more determined to reach our goal. So we’ve decided to change our name from Team Swine to Team Swan. We’re going to throw up every meal and DANCE!! until our toenails fall off. We just want to be PERFECT. *sob*

That means that Tyler-Exia & Buli-Mikey is safe for another week!

Don’t be too sad, Michelle and Harry — you still have a chance to win. This year we’ll be awarding our Rudest Loser prize to the eliminated player that loses the most weight. Keep working hard to drop some pounds, and we’ll check back in with you on April 7th!


10 thoughts on “BC&RL2: Elimination 2 (Part Two)”

  1. So sad and so happy. I’m sure the fact that Mikey’s Mom got the mom-brigade working on it helped. Continued good luck Team Swan.

  2. How could Team Oink, a team who lost, go when a team who gained weight stayed on? This voting thing sucks. 😦 Goodbye Harry and Michelle M.!

    On the plus side, however, Criaggers and Enrico are still with us!


  3. Thanks to everyone (josh and Enrico) for the support. Good luck to the remaining contestants! Time to sip some Tab with Tam and ogle the cabana boys.

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