BC&RL2: Elimination 1 (Part 2)

Today is the day that we say farewell to our first eliminated Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 team.  Earlier today we revealed that Team Oink is safe from elimination.  That leaves two teams to face elimination today:

Canadian Bacon, which is made up of Tam and Nathan.

Team Mushy Cupcake, which is made up of Mush and Ryan.

But before we reveal the eliminated team, here’s a farewell video that Joshrico of JoshIsTrashy & HotelTuesday have picked out! Please enjoy Ke$ha’s Goodbye:

And now, the first eliminated of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 2 is…


Goodbye Tam and Nathan!  We’ll all miss our Canadian friends.

That means that Team Mushy Cupcake is safe for another week!

But don’t be too sad, Tam and Nathan — you still have a chance to win.  This year we’ll be awarding our Rudest Loser prize to the eliminated player that loses the most weight.  Keep working hard to drop some pounds, and we’ll check back in with you on April 7th!


12 thoughts on “BC&RL2: Elimination 1 (Part 2)”

  1. @Tam I can’t believe that you didn’t campaign for this one like you did for ‘2nd Favorite Website’! So sorry to see you go 😦 (but I made up the rules, so feel free to hate me)

  2. Ah well, one less thing I have to do every week and I may be the dark horse that is beavering away starving to death behind the scenes.

  3. Loses those depression related ten pounds is a great way towards winning in the very end! If you get suicidal, you’ve got it in the bag!

    Sorry Nathan and Tam!


  4. I’m sorry to see Tam and Nathan go, but I’m glad that Mush and I can stay in. While I would have continued to work at losing weight if I were eliminated, the competition will give me some extra motivation that might make the difference.

  5. Noooooooo! I agree with Ryan. Being in the contest is great motivation for being healthy. By kicking us off, Adam and Mikey are trying to make us tailspin into depression and an unhealthy lifestyle. Our deaths will be on their hands!!

    Harry says, “This is wrong. Just wrong. Tell Tam she can join our weight loss competition (even though we don’t have one, but if we did…).”

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