Blaim Blammo

I feel like crap. I mean that literally and figuratively. I tried to write this post last night, but after repeated attempts to get the internets working I could not and for no good reason at all. Faced with the option of blogging from my phone or not posting, I thought you would all rather read coherent ramblings so I decided to forebear. Through the magic of sleeping the web has been restored and I can post. My health is another story. I appear to be suffering from what a doctor friend calls the “Blammo Virus.” This is a particularly devious and virulent strain of the stomach flu that a lot of people around have been getting lately. Why is this stomach flu so much more disheartening than others? Well I’ll tell you, but spare you the graphic details, which I quite literally do not have the stomach to recount anyway. This virus tricks you into thinking you are all better. Just high on life. Happy as a clam (why are clams happy anyway? what is that?). But then, BLAMMO you are sick again. You feel sluggish and disgusting without warning and when you are in the most inconvenient of places. I keep thinking this thing has fully passed and then I’m doubled over in pain. I hate it so.

Needless to say, when you have the Blammo Virus you have to take measures to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This means staying home sick from work on some days. Today is one of those days. I hate getting behind on my work, because I’m always behind on my work and can never catch up, but sometimes it is safer to just avoid having to put your life on the line. What I won’t miss from being home sick are all the really stupid questions about the internet and computers I frequently get from some of my coworkers. My office is comprised of an insane mix of “knows a lot about thems” and “doesn’t even know how to spell thems.” The “knows a lot about thems” are fun people to learn new webtricks from. The “doesn’t even know how to spell thems” make me want to gauge my eyes out…kinda like our friend in this lovely little comic.

So if my overshare didn’t entertain you this Friday, I hope the clip did. You should share it with all the “knows a lot about thems” you know, cuz they will know exactly the rage I feel for morons at work.


4 thoughts on “Blaim Blammo”

  1. My co-worker has the same flu you have apparently, and she’s been out all week with it. I can totally sympathize with the cowrokers who don’t know how to do simple things on the computer too, cause, ironically, the one who’s been off sick this week, is also the one who I doubt can even spell Google, much less attempt to use it.

    Feel better soon.


  2. Sorry you are feeling sickly. I’m home “sick” today too but mine is more mental anxiety than intestinal. Hope you feel better soon.

    I used to work with two men in their 60’s and they were CONSTANTLY in my office “How do I do X?” “How do I save this?” “How do I print a pdf?” Arrgghhhhhhhh. Used to make me insane. I am NOT tech support.

  3. *ahem* Putting on my doctor hat for a sec, I’d like to point out that influenza is a respiratory virus. There is no such thing as “stomach flu”. If you’re having GI signs, it may be viral, but it is not flu. No matter how shitty you may feel – pun definitely intended.

    That said, I hope shit gets better for you quickly. Meantime, think of it as a way to get ahead in the weight loss competition.

    And yeah, that’s totally me in that video. I work with a bunch of computer illiterates, and it drives me crazy.

  4. That’s totally me in the video too. Except I’m the dumbass. Well, not that dumb. But the cartoon reminds me of Harry trying to show me how to do programming stuff. It’s pretty much a lost cause.

    And congratulations on you stomach thing – you are so lucky!

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