Broken Picture Telephone – Round Two

A long time ago on a blog very much like this one, I started a bunch of games of Broken Picture Telephone. Through my neglect it took forever to get the second round of this game to come to a close. My apologies for the delay, but I truly feel it was well worth the wait.  Want a closer look?  Click each image to see it at its full resolution.

Alice was shocked when the water balloon burst in her face – Mikey

Josh's artwork

An evil clown and the monkey riding on his head broke a balloon which frightened the teenage girl and made her drop her lollypop. -Tam

Adam's artwork

“As Tam was strolling topless through Ottawa’s Thanksgiving Day street festivities, an evil clown and his monkey sidekick appeared to pop her balloon, also causing her to drop her lollipop.” – Mel

Michelle's Art

“Overt displays of American patriotism are grotesque, militaristic, jingoistic, pretentious, often sexually puerile, overuse images of children and anthropomorphic animals, and slather on a forced festiveness that leaves me cold,” said Tam, as she hurried to the candy store to get more lollipops. – David

Kristen "the Kid" 's Art

“Canadians complain that while $5 CA can only buy a lollipop, the U.S.A. basically says to them, “Fuck You, our $5 US can do anything from funding the Olympic Women’s Gymnastics team, help influence a Congressmen’s vote on arms control, or even act as a gratuity for a breakdancing street performer. Suck on that Ottawa, eh?” – FDot

Craig's Art

“Being super-polite, the Canadian had to ask if it was okay to eat his lollipop. So, knowing that Americans only really liked guns, balloons, chicks with wide open legs and breakdancing, Abe gave the finger to the Canadians and told him to fuck off and “suck it”!” – Polt

Enrico's Art

We are insane. What we have done to Tam alone could land us in court for defamation of character. I apologize to Tam (as did many of the artists who worked on that Tam phase). I hope you have enjoyed our second game.


16 thoughts on “Broken Picture Telephone – Round Two”

  1. Tam needs to have a long talk with her daughter about why she drew her with an furious face, enormous feet, a red bowed beanie, and a $5 bill clenched in her fingerless stump.

  2. I guess I can’t be mad at FDot. As wretched as his sentence was to illustrate, it does actually fit the picture he had to describe remarkably well. I guess I underestimated how talented we all are. Bleck.

  3. Well, if I’m in a chain with a shirtless Ryan Reynolds I can live with that. I’m always angry although I have relatively small feet. It’s funny how a theme like the lollypop gets started and stays through a whole thread. Well done everyone, funny funny stuff.

  4. @mikey – Woohoo, someone work on that for me. 🙂

    I asked Kristen about her picture and she said got a workout with all of David’s fancy big-city words there. 🙂

  5. I love the hand drawn illustrations of josh and Kristen. Especially the sad sun and the bendy children. Isn’t that Tam’s “I hate snow” expression?

    David’s explanation is wonderful. You all crack me up. When does round 3 start?

  6. You’re right Michelle, it says “it leaves me cold” so I guess I’m angry I’m cold, hence the hat and the big winter boots. 🙂

  7. Actually Adam I believe in Canada we call it a ‘tuque’ not a ‘beanie’. And her ‘fingerless stump’ is a result of wearing the ever so comfy Canadian Olympic mittens. 🙂

  8. I’m glad that Ryan Reynolds didn’t stay in Canada. Now he can be shirtless (not cold), with fingers (not rendered fingerless by comfy Canadian Olympic mittens) and smiling (ppl in Canada must be angry?).

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