Reader's Choice Ballot #7

This is the last in a series of Reader’s Choice Cocky Award Ballots. This poll closes on December 30th at 9:00PM! You have just over 24 hours to vote! The results to our Reader’s Choice Ballots will post on December 30th and 31st.

CLEARLY Cocky & Rude is your favorite blog of all time …
but what is your second favorite?!

Which Is Your Second Favorite Blog??customer surveys

Links to all of these blogs are listed in our blogroll in the right column of this site


20 thoughts on “Reader's Choice Ballot #7”

  1. *gasp* A blast from the past. I’m offering free porny pictures if you vote for me. Puntabulous doesn’t seem to be offering anything. As usual, all talk. 😛

    Good to see you hon.

  2. Well, I was tempted to vote for myself, just so I won’t have ZERO votes. Alas I’ve admittedly been a crappy blogger, so I suppose I haven’t even earned my own vote. 😦

    My vote is a secret, but good luck to all!

  3. My GOD, is that REALLY Dave S.? You mean he DIDN’T fall off the face of the earth or get kidnapped by Beiberians or something equally as horrid???

    Good to see you again Dave S.


  4. I am voting for Sweetie. Sweetie, you da bomb, even though I seem unable to blog myself any longer, or leave witty comments on yoursjhnm (that typo right <– there? that's Moonpie stepping on the keyboard trying to vote for you)you're still my favorite boy.

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