Have You Ever … Been Really, Really Old?!

Are you really, really old?  Or maybe you’re really, really, really old?  Dust yourself off, prop yourself up, and answer these questions quickly.  You might die soon.  You know the drill!  For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points, and post your total in the comments section.

1. Did you see Star Wars in the theater in 1977?
2. Did you ever fight Hitler?
3. Were you there when Washington crossed the Delaware?
4. Do you remember when Pong was cutting edge?
5. Have you ever ridden a High Wheel Bicycle?
6. Have you ever owned a slave?
7. Have you ever played lawn darts?
8. Have you ever started a car with a hand crank?
9. Have you ever seen a test pattern on TV?
10. Did you ever have sex before “safe sex”?
11. Do you yell at war movies, “That’s not how it happened!!” …which you know, because you were there?
12. Have you ever given makeup tips to Cleopatra?
13. Are you hoarding state quarters and 2 dollar bills, but you don’t know why?
14. Have you ever purchased something from a TV home shopping show?
15. Have you ever ridden on the back of a brontosaurus?
16. Would you be reallllly rich right now if your mom hadn’t thrown away all your comic books?
17. Have you ever seen The Beatles perform live?
18. Have you ever pledged allegiance to a flag with less than 50 stars?
19. Did you ever own a car phone?
20. Did you ever own a giant mobile phone?
21. Do you remember computers without mouses?
22. Do you remember computers with punch cards?
23. Did you ever walk from Asia to North American?
24. Has a page of a Sears Roebuck catalog ever cleaned your bum?
25. Do you have gray pubes?

OMG you’re ancient!  Now shove your saggy parts out of the way and tell us your score.


19 thoughts on “Have You Ever … Been Really, Really Old?!”

  1. 2. I assume kinky role play scenarios count toward “owning a slave.” And, yes, I vaguely remember the test patterns from the days before they ran cable to our little rural(ish) Utah town when I was a toddler.

  2. Only 4 1/2 *. Hurray! Maybe now I’ll stop getting spam for AARP, Hoverounds and hearing aids. I do know that that bicycle is called a pennyfarthing.

    *I gave myself half a point for knowing that the high wheel bicycle is called a pennyfarthing.

    And bless you, Adam, for asking all the wrong questions.

  3. 6. I’m just old, no really qualifier required. And really, who hasn’t played lawn darts, and I mean the one with the spike not these namby pamby ones they have today. My cousin and I played for hours every summer. My Mom chased a small grizzly bear out of our campsite in Banff when I was 10 with a lawn dart hoop. That game was genius.

  4. 7 ::farts dust:: and seeing star wars in the theater sucked when I was 8 because we had to stand in line for 2 hours!

    That brontosaurus ride was the best! Don’t know why I had blond pigtails then.

  5. 7. YAY, I’m tied with Paul and mel. Perhaps they’ll give me thier peas tonight in the cafetaeria at The Home For Aged Puntabupeeps.

    And I’ll just add that even from a young age, Mama Polt knew NOT to touch the comic books! And now I’ve got upwards of 27 comic book boxes filled with them in the attic (not counting the books I’m still collecting and have on shelves in the library)!

    So yeah, I’m an old Geek!

    Tam, it’s too bad they didn’t have small portable cameras when you were 10, cause seeing your mom do that woulda been AWESOME!


  6. 2. It’s funny because as I was doing it I kept thinking “No one’s gonna get any points! You’d have to be sooooo old!”

    Now look at all you old farts…

    And yes, 2 still makes me young and sprightly.

  7. 5.

    Cute Star Wars story: I wanted to see it soooooooo bad, and -after much begging and pleading and gnashing of teeth- my parents finally agreed to take me! Yay! Too bad it closed the next day. *sad face*

    So, my Dad talked to the movie theater owner and he brought it back for another week! Just for me! On the day we went, I forgot my glasses. I couldn’t read the introduction. So I didn’t learn what the opening story was all about until many many years later.

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