Have You Ever… Annoyed Adam?!

Kris, you may be the most impure, but that doesn’t annoy me at all.  FDot, you may be as pure and innocent as a newborn puppy bathed in Ivory soap, but that doesn’t annoy me either.  Do you annoy me?  Let’s find out!!  For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points, and post your total in the comments section.

1. Do you regularly get in “__ items or less” lines with more than the maximum items?
2. Do you abandon your shopping cart in the parking lot when there are cart returns that you could use?
3. Do you regularly bring your purchases home in plastic or paper bags instead of a reusable shopping bag?
4. Do you regularly drive the speed limit in the left lane?
5. Do you regularly come to a complete stop at yield signs?
6. Do you regularly pull out in front of people and then drive really slow?
7. Do you have anti-Democratic Party and/or anti-Obama bumper stickers on your car?
8. When riding as a passenger, do you regularly take your seat belt off before the car has come to stop, causing it to beep at you.
9. Do you regularly jaywalk when there is a nearby crosswalk that you could have used?
10. Do you regularly wear noisy high heels and clip clap all around the office?
11. Do you regularly have loud, personal conversations at work when your coworkers are all working hard around you.
12. Do you regularly talk about the weather?
13. Do you regularly use the word “retard” in conversation?
14. Do you regularly make racist jokes?
15. Do you write too long, too rude, and/or condescending comments on Facebook and/or blogs?
16. Do you regularly mispronounce simple words?
17. Do you regularly answer your cell phone, text or play mobile games, or just wave around your brightly lit cell phone screen in the movies?
Do you regularly talk during movies?
19. Do you regularly make a whole lot of noise with food and drink packaging during movies?
20. Do you regularly throw recyclable items into the trash, even when there’s a recycling can nearby?
21. Do you dry your hands in a public restroom and then throw the paper towel on the floor?
22. Do you regularly pee on the toilet seat?
23. Do you regularly not flush in public restrooms?
24. Do you currently or have you ever have icicle lights hanging on your house?
25. Do you think that Adam is just a little too sensitive?

Post your results in the comments, and we’ll find out who annoys me the most!


22 thoughts on “Have You Ever… Annoyed Adam?!”

  1. 4. Shit. I only had icicle lights for a year or two when they were popular. Really. I got rid of them. As a Canadian I am legally mandated to talk about the weather at every opportunity, yes, I pay .5 for each plastic bag at the store and I’m a jay walker. I consider traffic signs/lights a suggestion for pedestrians, at your own risk of course.

  2. 4. Damn my noisy high heels.

    I was convinced by some of my super-environmentalist friends that people in public restrooms should use the “two use” strategy for urinals – if someone has used it before you, do your business then flush; if no one used it before you, do your business and don’t flush. If everyone did that, we would conserve massive amounts of water.

  3. ¡Uf. 4 only. I’m guessing you add a half point if you talk about weather every once in a while and a whole point if you bitch about it every single day.

    …and 5 pts if you jaywalk through rush hour traffic.

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