Finally, a Really Manic Monday!

There are just so many random thoughts running through my mind! It must finally be a Manic Monday!

Did you miss me? Did you EVEN know that I didn’t blog all week? I don’t think you did. That makes me sad face.

Is anyone getting super excited for the return of Doctor Who on Christmas day? It is going to be the best Christmas present ever.

Ok, well what about Rainbow Poo? Are you excited for his return yet? Only one and a half weeks have passed and I am going through some serious withdrawal.

Does anyone else hear that banging? Really, who keeps dropping that damn bowling ball on the floor above me? Ack!

I am counting down to the next Cocky Awards presentation! Who is going to win Best Commenter? When will we find out that Adam is the recipient of the transgender ginger of the year award? I’m guessing next week.

Did you know the Today Show used to have a monkey on it? It hasn’t been the same since, but nothing really survives a de-monkeying especially an NBC show.

This post has proven too draining for me after my hiatus, especially since the majority of you didn’t even realize I was gone. Please comment or my ego will be further damaged.

…And check back at Noon for the second in our series of Reader’s Choice Cocky Awards Ballots!


13 thoughts on “Finally, a Really Manic Monday!”

  1. I missed you. Honest, I did. I think.

    They had a monkey, really? Did they lay the monkey off? Did he get a deal from Comedy Central and leave? What happened to the god damned monkey?

    Hope your neighbors finished playing “drop the bowling ball”. Why is this hotel room so damned cold? Maybe because it’s 10 degrees outside. Brrrr.

  2. I say we start a “Adam as the 12th Doctor” campaign, you first line is already written:

    “Finally after 910 years I”m a transgender ginger!”

  3. I did notice, Adam can confirm that. You better have a good reason to have been gone so long. I am TOTALLY looking forward to the return of Doctor Who!

  4. In college, we had girls who liked to wrestle above us. A fantasy for some, an annoyance for us. My year in Brooklyn, I had a trumpet player above me. Such is my luck.

  5. So in 2004 Mr. Muggs was still alive and living in sin with his girlfriend. Really America, when are you going to let monkeys have equality and marry? When? It’s just not fair to the simians in the world.

  6. @Mikey – Because years of watching an entertainment medium run by the people who brought you Benzedrine-fueled primate shenanigans has rendered me — and so many other Americans — immune to subtle humor.

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