Just Another Manic [Cyber] Monday!

There are just so many random thoughts running through my mind!  It must be just another Manic Monday!

Did you know that it’s Cyber Monday?  Really, how could you not?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve received about fifty emails over the past few days from online retailers offering you all sorts of amazing once-in-a-lifetime deals.  So today, as a one-day sale, Cocky & Rude is offering you FREE daily blog posts until the end of the year! OMG!

Leslie Nielsen died! Nooo00000000o!

As I’m writing this post, please be aware that I’m suffering from an awful case of hiccurps.  UGH they’re awful!

Like all great weekends, I spent lots of time with my loved ones saw THREE movies this weekend!  On Friday night I saw Burlesque, which was silly, fun, and predictable, but HARDLY as awful as all the reviews claim.  Saturday I saw Harry Pothead and the Deadly Halloween, which was moderately amusing.  Sorry, I’m not a big Harry Potter fan.  Sunday I saw a movie based on MY life, called 127 Hours!  It was aammaazziinngg!  It totally made me want to go hiking, get stuck and lop off my own arm.  Go see it now!

My diet of all noni berries, all the time continues.

Sunday turned into a Tamblyn-themed day for me.  After seeing Amber Tamblyn in 127 Hours, I watched West Side Story, which stars her father, Russ Tamblyn!  He was cuter in the WSS days than he was in the Twin Peaks days.

I keep singing Free Blood’s Never Hear Surf Music Again (the song from the 127 Hours trailer).  It has a great beat!

Is it too early for Christmas?  I’ve already hung the outside lights at my mom’s house and my tree is up and decorated.  Let’s get this damn season over with!

Yea, yea, I keep singing Show Me How You Burlesque too… (and too bad Harry’s theme is a snore!)

Cher’s face is starting to look like an alien.

That’s right, there’s a lot of movies and general pop culture bouncing around in my melon.  What’s on your mind, this Manic Monday?


15 thoughts on “Just Another Manic [Cyber] Monday!”

  1. Aww, that’s too bad about Leslie Nielson.

    Haven’t you already lost your arm at least twice now? You should sue.

    Bad or not, I’m going to see Burlesque (feat. thin Christina) either today or tomorrow.

    Amber Tamblyn is on House now.

  2. I don’t think we have cyber Monday. Unless your talking about the kinky way and then it’s all day everyday. We just have to pay full price for electronics year around. Sigh.

    No movies for me this weekend, didn’t do a heck of a lot, some household chores. BORING.

    I was sad to hear about Leslie Nielson last night. He was a great guy. Hard to believe he was 84.

  3. You wear your disinterest in Harry Potter like a badge of honor. Snooze. You’re like those people that love bringing up the fact that they’ve never seen Star Wars at parties. Congratulations!

  4. In other news, I love how the trailer for 127 Hours fails to inform the viewer that they’re about to watch a movie where the main character CUTS HIS OWN ARM OFF ON SCREEN. “Oh this is a fun adventure movie, I shall have to tell little Susie OH MY GOD WHAT IS HE DOING!!!”


  5. @Craig Oh come on, I’d bet that 99% of viewers knew in advance that he’d cut his arm off. With all the press & media surrounding the event that the movie is based on PLUS the press for the movie, the only people out there that don’t know how it’s all going to end are suffering from Alzheimers, Amish or living off the grid.

  6. My 70 year old uncle and his equally ancient girlfriend saw Brokeback Mountain and had no idea what it was going to be about.

    Oh yeah, I guess that proves your point.

  7. Adam saw Brokeback and still doesn’t know what it was about. He calls it that movie were Jake and Heath have really weird looking naked fights all the time

  8. I just don’t get how that guy got paid a bajillion bucks for being stupid enough to go off without telling anyone where he was going and getting himself so badly hurt he had to chop of his hand. Apparently stupidity sells.

    And I’m thinking Cher and Pete Burns are moving toward some weird and unholy convergence.

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