The Three Thankses Given After Thanksgiving

I had planned to write this post earlier in the week, when I was alert and eager. Naturally I procrastinated and now end up working on it the night of Thanksgiving. This is not the best way to blog, or do anything really. After hours of consuming food, alcohol and tryptophan, my body only wants to be asleep. Or at least in some semiconscious state while a movie plays on the television. So this Friday I will give thanks for three things, a tradition that will henceforth be known as the Three Thankses Given After Thanksgiving of Cocky & Rude.

Turkey is a great thing to be thankful for. I don’t know if it is the smell it makes while roasting or its delicious flavor, but turkey always makes me happy. At least until I’m tired of leftovers.

The best thing to pair a nicely cooked turkey is a lovely bottle of wine or more accurately three bottles of wine. I’m a sucker for any type but the best I had this year was a rather surprising Cranberry wine. It was a tad sweeter than I usually take my wine, but the tartness was amazing.

After sleeping off my wine and turkey, I’ll be happy that I am not stupid enough to go shopping on this day. I’m very thankful that I have the common sense to stay away from screaming crowds of women trying to get that last item. Every year I find the lust for day after Thanksgiving shopping more and more disconcerting.

So there you have my trytophanatical thankses, folks. What are you thankful for?


4 thoughts on “The Three Thankses Given After Thanksgiving”

  1. Cranberry wine sounds delicious.

    1) I’m also thankful to avoid the Thanksgiving sales. I wish I could have avoided seeing the thousand commercials advertising them, though.
    2) Restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving so I don’t have to cook.
    3) Mashed potatoes. The love of my life.

  2. My parents just got to their place in Texas and are rather mystified by the whole American Thanksgiving experience and the seeming frenzy in the air by the Americans.

    No wine for me thanks. But I’ll have turkey and pie. No shopping in the US today either. Ar there REALLY bargains or do people just believe they are getting a deal and stores convince them that $159 is a deal on an ipod when if you actually checked last week the price was $162? Is it all illusion?

  3. Thanksful I didn’t have to work today.
    Thanksful I don’t feel the urge to stand outside Target in a line at 2:00am while it’s raining just so I can get a TV for cheap.
    Thankful Mama Polt is such a great cook and was thoughtful enough to get me leftover turkey.


  4. Apple pie. Apple Pie. Did I mention apple pie?

    Since that is really only one, I will say not having to work today and not having to rush around today or yesterday for that matter.

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