Welcome, my friends, to the Friday Five.  The Friday Five is a fairly regular feature here at Cocky & Rude, where Mikey and I examine our five favorites of the week.  It’s been fourteen days since our last Friday Five, and we now hate everything that we’ve listed on all previous Friday Fives.  It’s true.  We’re finicky!  Don’t judge us because we change our minds … LOVE US because we change our minds!  Here’s what we love this week:

1. The Walking Dead on AMC by Adam
Wow!  Who knew that a tv show about zombies could be so good!  The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln as a County Sheriff who wakes up after being shot in the series premier and finds himself in a world overrun by zombies.  He struggles to survive while searching for his wife and child.  Along the way he meets other survivors in this amazing tale.  We’re only two episodes into the series … but I’m already counting it among my current favorite TV shows.

2. OFFICIAL Old Man Parody videos by Adam
I stumbled upon this dancing, diapered old man with rosy cheek makeup on YouTube this week and my life has been changed forever.  He’s horny in a Justin Bieber parody, his crotch is burning in an Eminem/Rihanna parody, and he’s melting your popsicle in a Katy Perry parody.  They’re truly terrifying.  Watch them if you dare!

3. Damn You Auto Correct by Mikey
We have all been there. We sent that message without proofing it only to find that it was not what we expected. Well there is finally a website to memorialize these erroneous and occasionally hilarious communications. On Damn You Auto Correct, you can see some of the humorous updates of your compatriots in the land of 140 characters.

4. Furious Hamster by Mikey
Adam loves animals. He loves them so much he won’t eat them or anything that he thinks uses their labor for his benefit. That is probably why he sent me this clip of a hamster taking out his revenge on man. It portrays how insane hamsters can be as well as how stupid some Russians are.

5. Hot Men Do Something by Mikey
Earlier this week some hot dudes posted a video of themselves lipsynching to some Kylie Minogue song that I have never heard. I don’t really care about the song. In fact, I muted it when I watched the video. The men are worth it.


Get Outta My Way (Boys) Tribute from Jeremy Lucido on Vimeo.

So there you have it folks: The Walking Dead, Old Man Parody, Auto Correct, Furious Hamsters, and Hot Dudes dancing. What are your five favorite things this week?


8 thoughts on “¡HOLA, ES EL CINCO DE VIERNES!”

  1. I’m refusing to watch the old man video because I need to save what little is left of my sanity.

    Wild hamsters. Vicious. I saw a chipmunk attack my cat once. Seems the smaller they are, the braver.

    Oh and those cute lip-synching guys are from the porn studio Randy Blue. Umm, yeah, we won’t go into how I knew that. Ahem. I haven’t actually watched it yet, but I found it last night and will be checking it out. This article actually lists the top 10 cutest lip-synchers.

    Have a super weekend.

  2. I love The Walking Dead, which is surprising to me because I generally dislike zombie movies.

    I also will not watch that old man video. Some things cannot be unseen.

    That hamster is freaking adorable, he looks like he is wearing a little suit.

    That isn’t my favorite song on Kylie’s cd, but I do like it. Those guys may be attractive, but they don’t lip synch very well.

  3. I was only able to watch 10 seconds of the old man. eww.

    LOVE The Walking Dead!

    Hamsters are adorable! I would never eat one.

    I think I would tie with Fdot on a porn “Have You Ever”.

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