The Photo Diet

Since the end of Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser, I’ve gained a little weight by  indulging a bit too much in the foods that I shouldn’t eat (chips! cookies! soft pretzels! mmm!).  I need to get back to my happy weight (where all my clothes fit just a little better), so I’ve devised a new diet!  (Or if it was already invented by someone, then I’ve never heard of it before!)  It’s called the Photo Diet and the rules are simple.  Take a photo of everything you eat and post it on Internet for everyone to see.

The photos above are everything that I’ve consumed from Monday’s lunch until Saturday’s lunch.  (Despite your lectures, I will not start eating breakfast — the least important meal of the day.)  I haven’t been counting calories, but I have tried to eat very healthy.  The Photo Diet works well to combat gluttony with embarrassment.  Should I eat fifty cookies?  Nah, because then I’ll have to take a photo of all of them them.

What do you think?  How long should I keep this up for?  Is it weird to go to a restaurant with someone who’s photographing their plate?  Does any normal person eat that much salad?


5 thoughts on “The Photo Diet”

  1. Well, I suppose normal vegans eat that much salad. I’d say try it for 2-3 weeks and see if it works. If not, time to reassess. What’s in the bowl with the bananas?

  2. I think that’s a great idea. Looks like you didn’t cheat at all. What a good boy.

    Tam – they look like grapes to me. What’s in the second to last photo?

  3. Wow, such fancy looking food. My food doesn’t look so fancy. Good luck with the diet. If you don’t end up loosing weight, maybe we will all gain weight by being inspired to duplicate your fancy food. 😉

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