For Shameeeee!!!!

Sheesh!  What is wrong with you people?!  School is a place of learning!!!  You should all be ashamed of yourselves — especially Enrico!  Here are the results (so far) to our latest game, Have You Ever… At School?:


6 thoughts on “For Shameeeee!!!!”

  1. Oh believe me, I *AM* ashamed! I mean, how did I allow Craiggers to score higher than me???

    Well, at least, I still scored more than double than FDOT, The Pure, so all’s right with the world, I guess.


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  3. I’m not sure I should be celebrating I’m so near the top, or ashamed by my behaviour. I guess I’m in good company so I’ll take it as a thing to be proud of.

  4. I wish I could take back all mah past transgressionz! I’m sorry for making out with that d00d in the prop room behind mi escuela’s auditorium! ::wah wah::

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