Adam steadfastly did not want me to post about this, but I really don’t give a crap. If I blogged about all the things Adam didn’t want me to blog about, I would never be at a loss for ideas. I also would not have to open some posts with the dreaded line “I didn’t know what else to post about…”

In 1946, Salvador Dali teamed up with Walt Disney to bring his already vivid art to life in the form of a cartoon. The collaboration was not officially completed for 58 years, but it was well worth the wait. When a friend told me about the clip, I was appalled. I’ve always adored the artwork of Dali and the idea of him illustrating a fuzzy singing squirrel or floppy bunny made me upset. In reality, Dali’s style holds true and truly mesmerizes. You can see hints of most of his most recognizable work throughout the piece, but not cartoonified. The result is eerie, haunting, and undoubtedly surreal. I hope you enjoy it.

For some reason, embedding of the video from youtube is disabled, so you must click on this link to view it.

Dali has long been a favorite of mine and not only because we share the same birthday. Tell me your thoughts on his work with Walt or his art in general.


8 thoughts on “Dali-wood”

  1. I love Dali, almost as much as I love Goya. When I was studying in Spain, I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, and they’ve actually got some Dalis that are more photorealist than surrealist, though I think they were done before the term was ever coined. Interesting to see him working in a different style.

  2. Huh. That could give small children nightmares. Well done but I’m not a huge Dali fan, however I do love singing squirrels and fuzzy bunnies.

  3. I saw a Dali exhibit a few yearz ago in Philly and then again in Nueva York.

    He’s pretty effing rad. I LOVE the lobster telephone and lip couch. Lady Gaga, you ain’t shit!

  4. I’m glad you posted this! Beautiful – I loved it. I think I need a bread hat. And the best part – no wisecracking pop culture referencing genie!

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