Have You Ever…At Work?

Today we’re going to play another game of Have You Ever! Below is a list of 25 questions. For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end, add up your points, and post your total in the comments section. Then we will report you to Human Resources.

1. Stolen office supplies or equipment from work?
2. Called in sick when you weren’t?
3. Gotten laid off?
4. Gotten fired?
5. Told your boss to take this job and shove it?
6. Taken someone else’s food from the break room or office fridge at work?
7. Photocopied a private part or a naughty bit at work?
8. Gotten drunk at a work function?
9. Gotten drunk at a work function and done something you regretted doing the next day?
10. Flirted with a coworker?
11. Asked a coworker out?
12. Had sex with a coworker?
13. Openly dated a coworker?
14. Secretly dated a coworker?
15. Looked at porn at work?
16. Gotten caught looking at porn at work?
17. Masturbated at work?
18. Gotten caught masturbating at work?
19. Had oral sex at work?
20. Had vaginal or anal sex at work?
21. Had sex in the copy or supplies room at work?
22. Had sex in the conference room at work?
23. Had sex in the bathroom at work?
24. Peed in the coffee pot at work?
25. Taken a baseball bat to a printer or fax machine at work?

Wow! Am I glad I don’t work with you!?! But I might have gotten more than you! Post your total and let us judge you!


22 thoughts on “Have You Ever…At Work?”

  1. Kris just took the test, he only scored an 11. Haha. Apparently I’ve been naughtier at work than he….although he’s beaten me in cars. And public restrooms. And in general.


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