The Big Slutty Round-up!

The Great Cocky & Rude Purity Test was a huge success, so much so that Mikey and I took Friday off to pat ourselves on the back for coming up with such a popular blog idea. Yay for 47 comments (and counting)! CLEARLY a contest for the biggest slut was more fun than a weight-loss contest … right?!


26 thoughts on “The Big Slutty Round-up!”

  1. This is awesome guys! Kris, Tony and I just saw this and we’re laughing our assess off! Great job! 🙂 Tam, that gap is the gap between the normal people and the slut/whores. 🙂


  2. The fact that over 3/4 of the points I earned were accrued during a 5-month period during freshmen year of college makes me think that I USED to be a whore, but now I am myself.

  3. a) I’m somewhat bemused that Josh managed in 5 months of Freshman year to beat my entire lifetime so far 😉

    b) I’m *extremely* glad you chose Red for the color to fill that thermometer with

    c) I’m so disappointed Jere didn’t take part. I had high hopes he would give Polt a run for his money 🙂

  4. Boys, is this a post about how awesome another of your posts was? Srsly? Isn’t that a little awkwardly self-referential?

    Oh, wait, there’s a kick-ass graphic and my name’s on it. Never mind.

  5. @Mel – “desires” and “needs” aren’t the same thing 😉

    @Craig – are you still offering your services to help people raise their scores? 😉

    (And why did you just @john and then give my name in the comment?)

  6. @john I read somewhere that the married Jonas snores so much that they don’t even sleep in the same bedroom — and that it’s hindering their efforts to make babies. They’re SO not having sex…

  7. Well the Jonas brothers aren’t having sex with Kris, me, Tony and presumably Rabbitch. tTeir scores are lower than Craiggers, and we know that any sex with any of the top 4 would automatically getcha about 45-50 points, depending. 🙂


  8. Why, Mel, what do they say about yours? 🙂 With a score that high you must have quite a repertoire of first-hand reviewers one can turn to for reports I imagine 😉

  9. Adam: What struck me as more telling was that his reaction to sex for the first time was that it wasn’t worth the wait. My first thought was “You’re doing it wrong.”

  10. @john I definitely think that the married jonas brother getting pegged by his wife would move him up a bit on the scale. Not full on Polt & Co, but maybe in the Adam/Tam/Chris D corridor

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